An Analysis of the Rapidly Expanding World of Technology in FIFA

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Throughout the last few years different organization have begun adapting to the rapidly expanding world of technology; Amongst these organizations, we find the biggest sports regulating legislation in the world called Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA governs the world of soccer in every aspect and decides what should or should not be implemented in the game. Recently, FIFA has decided to finally implement Goal-Line Technology not only to adapt to the world of technology, but also to end a lot of refereeing controversies while introducing a new level of fair-play to the game.

This paper will define this technology, explain how it works and investigate its efficiency.

“As was requested by the IFAB as a condition for its implementation goal-line technology is straightforward: it is a technical means of instantly determining whether or not the whole of the ball has crossed the goal-line, not more and not less.” (What is Goal-line Technology, 2014) Goal-line Technology uses a framework that catches any change in the magnetic field on or behind the goal line to figure out whether a goal has been scored.

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The system takes under one second for a message to be transferred to the official. The British framework’s product utilizes “triangulation” to pinpoint the location of the football and on the off chance that it crosses the goal line, then an encoded radio signal is sent to the official’s wristwatch telling him that a goal has been scored. (Goal-line technology: How it works, 2013)

Since the beginning of football, legislating bodies have been searching for approaches to stay away from disputable refereeing choices.

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Goals have dependably been granted when they ought not have been and refused when they ought to have stood, on the grounds that refs and linesmen are unsighted or too far from the play. The truth is that this technology has already proven itself worthy during the last world cup in Brazil. During France’s game against Honduras, there was a lot of confusion after Karim Benzema’s ball hit the post and then bounced off the goal-keeper. However, the goal-line technology made a fast and accurate ruling and granted

France a well-deserved goal. That was the first time goal-line technology assists the officials in making the right call and it will certainly not be the last time. (France is the first, 2014) FIFA president, Joseph Sepp Blatter, is quoted tweeting “goal-line technology is no longer an alternative but a necessity.” (FIFA boss backs goal-line technology, 2012) Goal line technology will have an immense impact on the game of soccer by simply guaranteeing fair-play and minimizing mistakes made by officials. It might not make all errors disappear; however, this technology will be capable of guaranteeing that a goal will be awarded every time a team scores a valid goal.

Technology has become the epicenter of every aspect of life and it will continue to play a big role in the modern day. Not only is FIFA introducing modern day technology to the game but it is actually taking its first steps towards revolutionizing the sport. Goal-line technology is the start of a movement and one can only suspect that in a few years there would be more advancements to enhance the game-play. Technologies like quick replay, contact calculation, and offside assistance might come into play in the near future to complete the technological revolution in the game of soccer.

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