An Analysis of the Impacts of Immigration in the Cultural Identity of Canada

The process of immigration of different nations changes the cultural identity of the Canada. This research paper reveals the immigration issues in the Vancouver and Montreal. It highlights the main problem of the local population with the migrants that came from Asia and other countries. It shows how local residents make the attempt to preserve the cultural landscape and language identity. World Geography The North America faces the dominance of the culture and language from England settlers. However, there are two cities in the South of Canada where Asian and French culture is a dominant aspect of the society.

These cities are Vancouver and Montreal. In Vancouver, there is a conflict with Asian emigration that highlights the relationship in the region. In Hong Kong, there was a dangerous situation due to the China, which wanted to review the British control. People were scared. Wealthy family began to find way to escape from the Hong Kong. One of the factors was distance.

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There are was a Great Circle Route that helped for Asians to reached Canada. In turn, Canada presented the favorable environment for Asian immigration. The closest city was Vancouver. The Asian population was rapidly growing in the city. Asian immigrants have chosen to live in the western part of the city where more space and more trees. The wealthy Asian immigrants have operation in the real estate and want to replace smaller houses with much bigger and modern. It made its impact on the cultural landscape of the Vancouver, as the houses of Asian immigrants were different and larger.

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These changes caused a cultural conflict. The local residents began to worry about the transformation of the cultural landscape by the Asian families. Local community was not satisfied with the design of new buildings, considering them ugly and unfriendly. New houses were not suitable for existed green architecture. The strength Pacific Rim was a driven force behind the economy.

Many goods were sent thought the ocean to the North America. Many Asians have their own shops and magazines. It increased the Asian tourism in Vancouver. As a result, it increased the Asian population in the city. The business of Asian immigrants is thriving. However, the local voices of the residents changed the situation in some way. Today, new immigrants do not want to be the part of the cultural conflict; they just want to change their life by using global connection. The migration has a significant impact on the Montreal. This main language in the city is French. In Montreal people want to preserve their language and cultural identity. However, the process of globalization and nationalism could be the threat to it. The Canada faces the decline in the birth rate. The most decline process is seeing in the French speaking population known as Quebecois. In order to improve the situation with the birth rate, the immigrants are welcome in the country. However, the flow of immigrants could cause a new problem that related to the threat of the French culture. The French speaking population could remain in the minority. It is especially is dangerous for Montreal.

Immigrants do not want to learn French language when there is an opportunity to learn English as a second language. The immigrants see the success of their children in English, not in French culture. The local authority believes that the protection of the French language is a powerful means to preserve local culture. The first step to solve this issue was to stop writing English on the streets in order to create a sense of the French culture for everyone. It was a success, but today’s immigrants are a greater challenge. The authority tries to convince them that the French language is a key to success. The desperate attempt of the authority was a referendum to form its own country in order to solve the problem with language preservation. This attempt failed. Now the future of the cultural identity of Montreal depends on the immigrants. Thus, the process of immigration changes the cultural identity of Canada and makes the influence on the local residents.

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