An Analysis of the Healthy Lifestyle and the People Who Prefer to Lead a Healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle is something that most people work toward as their goal. In order to achieve this goal people must become conscientious of what is healthy and what is not. In this essay I will discuss and compare healthy and non-healthy lifestyles and talk about health in general. Health can mean any of the following: mental health, physical health, the food you eat, the way you spend your time, how much sleep you get, social interaction, and the most important, your attitude.

Not everyone is a health nut, but i think that the first step to living healthy is to have a good attitude. Try to have a positive outlook on things and set goals. Being positive does not require having a strong mentality, its all about making the right decisions for yourself. When most people think of health they think food. Some people eat fast food every day. Sure it tastes good but its loaded with saturated fat. Eating healthy can make you feel better about yourself.

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A healthy suggestion on something to eat is steamed vegetables and rice. Eating right may pay off in the summer time when you want to look good in a bathing suit. But there is more to health then just eating right. Lots of people spend hours in front of the television and dont nearly get enough exercise. It is healthy to relax, but if you spend your whole day in front of a television set you need to get out. Not everyone is coordinated enough to play sports, so a healthy suggestion would be to ! ride a bike or jog.

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There are many factors that contribute to living an unhealthy life. Start the day out right. In the morning try to get up at a reasonable time. If you wake up at noon every day you miss out on half the day. Soon it becomes a habit because of how late you stay up at night. After you wake up most people have coffee or smoke a cigarette, they should try to avoid both of these because they can become very addictive.

A healthy alternative would be to have a healthy breakfast and get an early workout. A lot of people like to do physical activities early in the day so they have the whole day to set aside time for their busy schedules. Working out is a good way to let out negative energy or to forget about something that is making you feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Work is something that can stress you out. It is important to do something you like as a career. Part of being healthy is being happy and if your not happy with your job, you have to find something else that! you would want to commit your time to. Committing your self to living healthy is a big step. Some of the effects to being unhealthy can lead to, lack of motivation, low self esteem, being over weight, high cholesterol, stress out, or just unhappy. I feel that it is never too late to get a healthy start on life. Some people feel helpless or its to hard for them to break old habits, but once your attitude toward living healthy changes the next step is to set goals. For some people their goal might be to live a stress free life. For others it might be to look good in a bathing suit, or to learn martial arts. Whatever you goal is try to make it reasonable. Being active is important. Playing sports is a fun way to be active and it is a good way to meat people, and to have social interaction.

People should take time to learn about their body. Cardiovascular exercise is good for the heart. You can learn to build stamina and endurance by running or riding a bike. Riding a bike is a little less hard on your knees and is a fun and enjoyable way to achieve a healthy heart. There are lots of people who wish that they were stronger. Lifting weights is a way to build muscle and definition. Although lifting weights is not cardiovascular exercise it is way to get stronger, most all professional athletes do weight training. You should not try to compare yourself to a professional athlete, but it is an essential element to getting physically fit. In conclusion I feel that nobodys perfect, I have to admit that it is hard, and that it takes time to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You dont have to be a professional athlete to be fit and you dont have to be a vegetarian to eat right. All you need is a little self-motivation and a healthy attitude.

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