An Analysis of the Deadly Combination of Drinking and Driving Among the Teenagers of United States

Drinking and driving is one of the poorest choices an individual can make. Unfortunately, too many kids, adults, women and men are making this unwise choice. Drunk Drivers endanger themselves and others on the road. In fact, one-third of the deaths for people from fifteen to twenty years of age are caused by alcohol, either by the victim or the killer. In 1998, 32% of all American high school students were regular drinkers. Most drinkers enjoy drinking heavily at parties at night, and usually, they or their friend drives to the party.

A lot of the time, nobody is worried about the designated driver and must understand that designated driver is always necessary. Even if drinkers think they have “only had a little” to drink they also have to realize that their first drink affects their driving skills by slowing their reflexes, blurring their vision and negatively affecting their judgment. One drink is too much. College students also are dangerous, with more than 3 million nationwide being binge drinkers.

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A usual alcohol-related fatal accident is caused by a drunk driver with a .17 BAC. These people are usually 25-35. This is a very dangerous BAC level because it is almost twice the legal limit in most cases. A greater deterrent must be made against drinking and driving because studies report that the existing deterrents are slaps on the wrist to most offenders. Whatever the case, it is a serious problem that needs a solution quickly.

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