An Analysis of the Concept of Curiosity in the Book A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Grazer

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In Grazer’s book A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life, the concept of curiosity is not only discussed, but expanded upon to an extreme degree as a way of life. The book brings up many different scenarios of Grazer’s life, and how curiosity, in one form or another, affected the outcome in a positive or negative way. It also discusses the consequences of the outcome in a larger scale, One of these ideas is the idea that one must allow curiosity to disrupt his or her point of view.

Grazer talks about his meeting with the LAPD police chief, and with the head of one of the biggest motion picture companies in the world. These conversations so strongly changed his perspective that they both greatly affected his career. This same concept can relate very strongly in writing Writing from one perspective is dangerous, and gathering a wider perspective as a writer is crucial in both written input and output.

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One must not exclusively read and write in one way, and a change of perspective is not only necessary but is a key to successful writing. The first necessary change in perspective for better writing is by what the writer takes in. If a writer reads the same type of material from the same type of authors exclusively, there is nothing novel or remarkable entering the perspective of this writer. For example, this writer reads from the same set of authors exclusively, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, and Thomas Hardy.

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All are reputable and significant authors in their own right, but the settings, language, and styles are all similar in comparison to the wide range of literature available Thus, the output writing of this reader is hardly likely to be of any relative variation from what he or she reads.

This writer does not see a need to do things any differently However, Grazer‘s thoughts are quite different. Grazer believes that his appropriate implementation of the creative process is achieved through the disruption of his point of view. For example, his interview with Daryl Gates, chief of the LAPD police force, somebody with an entirely different life and way of living, completely disrupted his point of View Grazer notes that “it‘s likely that Chief Gates dealt with things that l had probably never even considered”. This perspective can be extremely beneficial to a writerr Grazer was curious as to what other points of view there are, and a writer should also tune in to this concept. By tapping into the great variety of literature there is to read, a writer can discover entire new ways to share their ideas. It is important that writers tap in to the great resources of published writing in order to read different perspectives of writing and learn what it means to write uniquely and successfully.

Another way that Grazer’s take on curiosity can relate to writing is by asking questions about how improvement can take place, Grazer puts it like this: “Curiosity allows the possibility that the way we’re doing it now isn’t the only way, or even the best way‘i This can pertain to many aspects of writing There are many different components to writing, and to say that one has mastered all the aspects of writing is fundamentally wrong There are always ways to improve, and sometimes it requires a bit of curiosity to find out exactly what that entails. There is no control for what is considered perfect writing, only a vague standard that is often compromised for the sake of creativity or originality. Therefore, there is no perfect way to write, and if a point is reached where it doesn’t seem that there can be any more growth, then curiosity still must find its place, as the writer must ask: is there a way to write that I have never written before? However, this point is hardly ever reached Growing writers of the modern generation must find a new voice and a new style, Curiosity doesn‘t just pertain to what has been done, but what must be done and what will be done. Writing has power, and the writers that are curious to explore this power and what it means to the future are the writers that are going to be successfulr Grazer’s philosophy on the subject of curiosity is very pertinent to the world of writing Grazer claims that curiosity is both inquisitive and creative in nature Curiosity goes first to the source, and then creates an output of material. Through reading, a writer can develop his or her own perspective, and question the impact that this perspective can have in the future. It is extremely important to be a curious reader and writer because both curiosity and writing affect the past, present, and future, Creative, inquisitive, curious writing can bring a fresh and new perspective to an often stale and academic process, and in fact this should be the point, Curious writing can have great power and influence. Grazer and his curiosity highlight an important perspective that writers can embrace in order to change their perspective and change the world around them.

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