An Analysis of the Book, Sold by Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick has been a finalist for the National Book Award, twice, Patricia was born on May 23’“, 1956. She grew up in a suburban development in Pennsylvania and often felt different and lonely, McCormick graduated from Rosemont College in 1978. While attending school, she was an assistant press secretary to the governor of Pennsylvania. McCormick went on to journalism school at Columbia University, She had various jobs as newspaper reporters and a movie and book critic. McCormick continued her education and studied fiction writing at The New School in New York City.

She started publishing books for young adults. McCormick has so far written five books. Her books are based on lots of research and interviews. These books include, Purple Heart, My Brother’s Keeper, Cut, Never Fall Down, and Sold. McCormick’s bestselling book is Never Fall Down, This book is based on a true story about an 11 year old boy who survived the killing fields, by playing music, in Cambodia. The book was a finalist for the National Book Award, named best book of the year by ITunes, School Library Journal, The Huffington Post, and the Chicago Public Library.

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McCormick is currently writing her next book, “I am Mululn: the girl who stood up for education and changed the world, ” i read McCormick‘s book Sold, Sold is about a thirteen year old girl named Lakshmi who lives in Nepal, with her family, on the mountainside. Lakshmi and her family were very poor, but they managed to survive for the most part.

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One season, the monsoons washed away all of their rice crop and the family had much debt to pay. They had to pay their relative for the seed, Lakshmi’s teacher for a pencil, their landlord for rent, and had to pay of the stepfathers gambling debts. While Lakshmi and her family is at the Festival of Lights, Lakshmi runs into a city woman. The city woman puts the idea into Lakshmi‘s head to come to the city with her and work as a maid to help her family by sending back her wages.

Lakshmi thought that sounded like a good idea and wanted to help, as her best friend had been sent to do. Alma, Lakshmi’s mother, didn’t want to hear anything about it, She wanted Lakshmi with her, Things got so bad for Lakshmi‘s family, the stepfather insisted that Lakshmi go work in the city. Lakshmi and her stepfather went into town where they meet the city woman, auntie, The woman and stepfather bargain for the price of Lakshmir Lakshmi and her family are under the impression that she will be working as a maid in the city, Lakshmi says her goodbyes and leaves with auntie. They have a longjourney ahead of them Through walking, train rides, and wagon rides, they finally reach a town next to the border. Lakshmi is joined by an older gentlemen who will be Uncle Husband. Lakshmi‘s “husband” escorts her across the burden Once they are across the border, Lakshmi reached the city and the “Happiness House,“ Lakshmi was intrigued by the city and was excited to start working for a family. When she walked into the Happiness House, Lakshmi was confused. There were many girls, thin as can be, dressed in fancy clothing, watching TV. The head of the house bartered for Lakshmi with Uncle Husband. Lakshmi was now the property of Mumtaz, Lakshmi soon learned that to pay off her debt, she would have to give herself to men. She was very resilient at first, but was drugged and beaten to do as she was supposed to. Lakshmi was no longer “pure” and went to live with the other girls She now made friends that made her time a little better, She battled having to sleep with six men a night and being away from her family. After over a year of succumbing to Mumtaz, Lakshmi is greeted by an American who is willing to help her. He comes back a few weeks later, with police and others, to set the girls free and arrest Mumtazr.

After I read the first few pages of this book, I thought it was written in an interesting format and would be really boring. Boy was I wrong. I really got into the book. I‘ve always have been interested in books about slavery, but this one was different, I was expecting a book about a little girl who was sold to work in the cotton fields, but I got a surprise. This book was heart wrenching. The book had very vivid details about Lakshmi’s journey. How she lived by her mother’s words, “simply to endure is to triumph,” even during the hardest of days. It told the very details of how a little girl was subjected to having sex with multiple men every night, just to pay off her debt. But, she soon realized, she would never pay off her debt, there was always something more to pay off. I applaud Lakshmi for eventually making the best of her life, but I think that is what she had to do in order to survive. lam curious if Lakshmi’s family ever found out that she was a sex slave and not a maid in the city. Or once Lakshmi was freed, if she went back and accepted her. I ask about her acceptance back into her hometown community and family because her friend at the Happiness House that was freed was not accepted back into her family. She was told she was an embarrassment, even though she had never known what she was getting into. She should have been a hero to her family for helping to provide. I think the review of Sold on Wow lit is well written in the fact that it summarized the main overview of the book and gave suggestions for further reading in middle and high school. I feel like Wow lit missed an important opportunity to really grab readers and get a point accross, The review made it seem like just any other book about prostitution, but if failed to really catch the reader’s attention, There were no details in the review of what Lakshmi went through while she lived at the Happiness House. I feel like if readers knew that it was a very detailed oriented and heart wrenching book, they would be more apt to read the book.

It was nice that the review did research to provide teachers with further discussion and reading opportunities for middle and high school students. This allows students ro get a broader protective on slavery and prostitution and that it doesn’t just take place in Nepal, but all over the world. Sex slavery is a very deep topic to discuss with a class. I feel it is important to really go into the subject with personal stories and lots of details, and not just cover the topic It’s okay if the students get upset when discussing this deep and heart wrenching topic, it is important that they know what really goes on in the world.

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