An Analysis of Sustainable Housing Self Reflection

After analyzing my work thoroughly, l have found that some improvements could be made to further improve the sustainability of this house. The house plan was of good quality as it has a unique shape that allowed for better ventilation and capturing of summer breezes. The plan was quite detail as it had a key that explained all the symbols used. The house can easily face up With Brisbane’s climate because it has insulation that can block out the unwanted heat as well as being posrtioned to cool down easily.

The house however had to compromise some of the View With the use of the northern trees but those northern trees were originally there and could not be removed.

If there were no restrictions to this house, the northern trees would definitely be removed to maximize the capturing of the winter sun and also open up the northern views, My attitude to the work is also as important as the product I produced.

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I was very determined to fulfill the tasks fully and properly. My time management was also very good because I was able to produce many drafts of my work to perfect it for the final copy. I was however, unable to keep track of all the details because I had to worry about the word limit but I had a lot of ideas to include. Overall. this unit was quite interesting because I was able to learn a lot from it about houses and perhaps choose it as my future career.

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