An Analysis of Some Causes and Effects of a Car Accident

What are some causes of a car accident? What effects can happen because of the accident? Speeding, intoxicated while driving, and bad weather conditions are some causes that could lead up to fatality, becoming incarcerated, and jeopardizing someone elses wellbeing.

Most car accidents happen because of excessive speeding. People are late for work or want to get to their jobs on time. When you are on a major road, you see cars going in and out of traffic. Someone is tailing another person in hope of they would move out of the way.

People who speed on the highways usually dont think about how safe their brakes are or if they have enough time to stop if the person in front of them suddenly steps on their brakes.

Drunk driving is another cause that leads up to car accidents. A person who has too much to drink at the bar is not thinking rationally about how they will get home. The only thing that is on the persons mind is getting home to bed or to watch television.

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No one at the bar is thinking about how the drunk will get home. The bartender only thinks about the money that he is making. The drunk leaves the bar and gets in the car. While driving, the drunk is either seeing double lanes or his vision is hazy.

Bad weather is another factor leading up to car accidents. Heavy rains can either flood the road or make the roads very slick. Snow and ice make the roads hard to drive on.

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The wheels on a car might not have any traction; therefore the tires will not grip the icy roads. Tornadoes bring in windy conditions. The winds are so fast and hard that a person can not control their car from being turned into another direction.

The most common effect of a car accident is fatality. A person dying because they were going to fast to stop at the crossroad for a rain or stopping to avoid hitting another car who stopped in front of them. Someone might die because of another person speeding, causing havoc on the roadway. Another reason a person can die from a car accident can be from intoxication. They might have been drinking too much at a party and then bragged that they could still drive home safely. The intoxicated person usually tends to speed to their destination.

Some people get locked up after a car accident, most of the time from drunk driving. Once a person takes the breath test for an officer, or if he can not walk a straight line, then he goes to jail. A stupid reason for a car accident is running from the police. The person still gets locked up, and he just wrecked the car he was in, plus someone elses car.

A sad but common effect is that most people in car accidents usually end up hurting someone else. The person who caused the accident can walk away fine as can be, but another person is rushed to the hospital because of a broken leg or they are unconscious. The other person usually ends up with therapy bills, lawyer bills, and might never be the same physically or mentally again.

These causes and effects are just a few out of a numerous ways of a car accident. Speeding, drunken driving and bad weather is just a few causes that lead to the fatality, becoming incarcerated, and the well being of other human beings.

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