An Analysis of Science Fiction in Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke

What Makes Science Fiction Good Works? Science fiction is a literary genre that deals with the effect of humans on technology and science In the science fiction novels Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, inclusions of post»Cold War scenarios and a futuristic setting make the stories similar in successes. Articles such as How to Write Science Fiction-Types ofNovels by William Victor, Alien Encounters: Anatomy ofScience Fiction by Mark Rose, an interview with Ray Bradbury and reviews on Ray Bradbury’s and Arthur C Clarke‘s novels were used to assess what has made Childhood‘s End and Fahrenheit 451 important and enduring works of science fiction.

For novels to become a great science piece it is important to install the basis of science fiction “Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the stories tell about science and technology of the future” (Definition) It deals with questions of “what if’{ An important feature of science fiction is that it is not a type of fantasy because part of the story is based upon reality and is a very possible outcome (Victor) Science laws and theories are intensified while staying true because if not, a story then becomes pure fantasy, The most common plots”of science fiction are based on the future, in space, on a different world, or in a different universe or dimension” (Definition).

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There are many key elements as to how science fiction can be approached Stories based in space interaction include setLings on different planets, moons, or even stars.

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This type includes the extraterrestrial creatures which may be the alien-encounter of the story, Time, another approach bases itself commonly in a setting where “humanity is seen as struggling to survive in an ocean of time” (Rose). A third form of science fiction is through machines; “robot stories, computer stories, and other versions of the manemachine” (Rose). The final form is a type of monster, such as an alien or post-apocalyptic stories and world becomes dominated by mutants (Rose), Attributes of these takes at science fiction is they create new worlds.

Things are modified from that as the real world but at the same time within realism Matters work through technology or changes in science such as evolution (Victor). As authors of science fiction, Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury contain their own mixes at how they approach the literary genre. Stated by George Zebrowski in Arthur C. Clarke: Overview, Clarke’s work allows for one of science fiction’s compelling features “it is notjust a story, but something that might happen 7 if not literally, then in its features.” In science fiction main problems encountered by characters must be possible or not easily discredited, otherwise the story loses plausibility. ”Clarke does not express a naive, even uncritical, faith in science and technology; rather he sets out what is possible, whether humankind accomplishes it or not. Arthur C. Clarke has his own laws, Clarke Laws, that explains his interpretation of science, and what “genuine science fiction attempts to do” (Zebrowski). His first law states if a scientist says something is possible he is just about completely right, but if he says something is impossible, the scientist is more than likely wrong. Clarke’s second law says the only way to discover the limits of possibility is to go past possibility and into what is impossible. “Science is not made up of absolute truths, but of candidates for truth that continues to resist disproof, but are never proven absolutely” (Zebrowski), The last law clarifies “science is the discoverable magic of the universe.” Ray Bradbury’s perception of science fiction is: it is the fiction of ideas. As said in his interview “science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn’t exist yet, but soon will,” Bradbury like Clarke took science fiction as an art of possibility instead of impossibility. It is also an art of aniculateness, Knowledge and expertise from both Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury has caused their books Childhood’s End and Fahrenheit 451 to become wildly known The novels were written during a period of effect from the Cold War, both stories created a credible back story (Zebrowski). Realistic events occurred in Fahrenheit 451 in which the location was censored as to not offend the inhabitants. This was plausible because of the events such as the Red Scare and McCarthyism occurring during their time, Bradbury’s novel, due to being relatable to the real world brought attention to many possible events that occurred in the plot (Weller). At this time society also rushed into modernizing; televisions were located in just about every home. Bradbury took this to a new extent and turned an entire society to be dominated by television and media. Guy Montag’s wife, Mildred, lived as a walking corpse day-to-day basing her life on watching television and constantly taking pills. In the futuristic society things were changed from the 19505. Firefighters started fire and there were mechanical hounds that injected anesthesia and could sense rebellion.

Childhood’s End created a utopian society as foreign creatures, Overlords, took control of the world to protect the earth from its own self-damage. Alien spaceships landed over every major city and controlled the earth for hundreds of years (Clarke 3). His story grew authenticity as he created an alien species that did not take over Earth and took mankind as slaves (Zebrowski). Childhood’s End became appealing to a society surrounded by war and dangers. Clarke created a passive society where it ceased to exist and made a new way of living. As peaceful as the world was, it became apparent human kind could not advance and could not explore outer space. Clarke’s novel sets itself apart because unlike other novels where humankind wins and prospers. Earth is self-destructed in energy consumed by the youth of the newest generation of children, as they gained telekinetic powers. Fahrenheit 451 and Childhood’s End both share similarities in the way they are written as science fiction. Although different in themes, the novels are alike in trends, Bradbury and Clarke wrote their novels in the same period creating a similar reading audience being affected by the same Cold War era (Weller). The plots also contained characters that looked for answers such as Montag and Jan Following science fiction there is a futuristic setting that succeeds a normal society that is now under control. Outsiders like the book people and the island of New Athens, who fall to a safe place when they did not want to be a part of the controlled society, Novels Childhood’s End and Fahrenheit 451 has become important and enduring works of science fiction because of Arthur C Clarke and Ray Bradbury’s takes of effects of censorship on a society The successes of the stories are due to the significance at the period in history in which they were written, The authors created a new society to which peace was everywhere This created a type of story that wanted to be read by the people of the time, Also, they were great writers of science fiction because they produced features that are important to making science fiction The novels are important because of their realism.

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