An Analysis of Relationships in “The Kite Runner” Essay

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An Analysis of Relationships in “The Kite Runner”

“In the Kite Runner, relationships between fathers and sons are never joyful”. What do you think of this view? After having read the statement, my initial thoughts were that of course, at some point in the novel, relationships between fathers and sons were happy and full of joy, though after more consideration, I have decided that I agree with the statement, as, even in jubilant moments, the foundations of the relationships are built on lies and deceit, darkening the meaning of the temporarily- found happiness.

An example of this would be the relationship between Ali and Hassan who seemingly had a very strong relationship, in which Ali was proud of the person his son was slowly becoming and cherished him dearly, as if his presence simply made the world a better place- “he had found his joy, his antidote, the moment Sanaubar had given birth to Hassan”. This suggests that, despite the fact we later learn that Ali isn’t Hassan’s paternal father, he has loved him as if he were his own from the very moment he was born, raising him as his own. The extent of Ali’s love is masked, however, by the fact that he lied to his ‘son’ his entire life, something some would claim to be selfish as he wanted to retain an ounce of self-respect, to have something he could call his own and, finally, to actually have a child, as he wouldn’t be able to have one any other way, due to his being sterile.

On the other hand, some may say that of course, some of the happier relationships in the novel are purely and simply that: joyous relationships with no ulterior motive or reasoning. For example, the relationship between Hassan and Sohrab, in which it is completely obvious that Hassan would have done anything for his son, whilst being totally honest with him so as not to keep anything from him which may have tainted their lives together in anyway, other than his experience in the alley; omitted in order to allow hi son to maintain his innocence a while longer, in a world where it would surely be taken from him too early anyway. Hassan yearned for his son to be given the best opportunities in life, so as not to be a servant his whole life- “taught him to read and write- his son was not going to grow up illiterate like he had.”

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