An Analysis of Most of the Story About Mr Blessington From Bodega Dreams

From Bodega Dreams most of the story about Mr, Blessington. He is the English teacher at Julia de Burgos junior high school. Most of the kids dont like him at all. He always explains Robert Frost poems entire his English class. Mr. Blessington is white and thinks that he is doing favor by teaching them. He told them that the boys are all going to end up in jail, and that the girls are going to end up hooking. He should not talk like this about students but they never take it serious to discuss with him and most of the teachers are Hispanic they just ignore and never takes seriously in the school and they just forget to complain against him.

Both English teacher and science teacher have a huge discussmn with each other. Since Blessington always tell about the students negative and Tapia was unhappy with Blessington because he talks always had about students and discourage.

Tapia always advise students to not to worry too much about his comments jUSI concentrate about your studies and future plans dont give any attention on Mr.

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BlessingtonTapia encourages the students. and always give good advise to grow in their future and also thinks better future for the students. Blessington is a different kind of person and we thought he is not a suitable teacher for this class. Because he doesn’t give respect to anybody and he thought he is great person but his implementation on students was looks horrible. Nice teacher but he turned out to be a horrible.

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He came from upper-middle class and he always give students hard time and also make their lives hard. Blessington always fights with his students and also at one point he has gotten in a brawl with Sapo. He always repeat the same things about students bad and one day Sap told him back dont talk negative about students then Blessington told Sapo you Will end up in jail one day. In response to this Sapo made discussions with Blessingtons and got extremely mad on him.

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