An Analysis of Misery, a Novel by Stephen King

Stephen King‘s novel Misery is involving, exciting, Intense, highly suspenseful, and definitely gruesome. Misery was full of unexpected and atypical Imagery involvrng such Items as axes, saws, land mowers, crosses, and other gardening utensils that were used to sear human flesh. Although I have been desensitized to this kind of Violence by spending my youth in front of PaererrView television, I still found the grizzly amputations and lacerations unnerving. Although the novel can be a turnoff for those with weak stomachs for its portrayal of senseless violence.

I found the elements of surprise and excitement to be the most appealing aspects. I especially enjoyed the ending of Misery, which provided a thrilling climax when Paul and Annie had their final confrontation ending in the defeat of “evil”. Not everything about Misery was to my liking. For example, I did not enjoy the “novel within a novel” facet of the book. I found this distraction unnecessary and not overly useful In adding value and proved to not be constructive In furthering the main storyline.

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Although the chance coincidence of a numberrone fan finding her Idol glues this story together. it Is not entirely believable. Furthermore, i believe that some aspects of provoking disgust were taken too far, as is the case when Paul Sheldon is forced to drink his own urine. My final complaint is the insuffICIent detail of Annie‘s laughing place. Descriptive aspects were omitted leavrng more to be desired. Many books I read are far less interesting than Misery allowing me to place this book in the top echelon of books I’ve read that I consider being enjoyable.

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I have seen several of Stephen King’s movies such as Pet cemetery, The shinning, Shawshank Redemption, and The Storm oi the Century, Most oi his work is dark. which comes through in Misery as well. Stephen King‘s themes typically deal with the supernatural and struggles between good and evil. Misery is not Stephen King‘s best work; however, it provides quality entertainment for the entire duration of the read.

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