An Analysis of Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

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An Analysis of Lord of the Flies by William Golding

We were all taught to be civil and do the right thing, but when you get thrown into the wild, some individuals revert to the basic instincts and turn savage. Lord of the flies was written by William Golding. It was published in 1954. The book is about a group of boys that end up on an island and one of the boy’s turn savage and he loses all is basic instincts. I am comparing the novel with the children’s movie Madagascar.

Both the book and, movie have similarities in character, plot and theme The character jack turned savage shortly after they got on the island. He lost his savagery and his basic instinct of living kicking in. Alex from the movie Madagascar also turned savaged and turned to basic instinct of living for an lion. He started getting his hunting instinct because he didn’t get his daily steaks that were given to him when he was as at the zoo. Jack also turned to hunting to live, he started hunting boars.

The plot of both the movie and novel had similarities in both the movie and novel they end up on an island by accident. In a period of time in the movie Madagascar there were two groups, one which wanted to go home, and the other group was fooling around. This is similar to the two groups in the novel.

The theme of savagery is shown in both the novel and movie. It is shown in the movie because Alex becomes savage when he doesn’t get his food. He starts seeing others as food and his hunting instincts cut in because he was hungry. This is the same with Jack, he becomes savage and hiss instinct to kill.

The movie Madagascar and Lord of the flies both have similarities in the loss of basic instincts of living and savagery. There will always be a loss of common knowledge of being a human being when there is survival involved. There can always be solutions to fix savagery, for example in Madagascar Alex’s craving for food was cured by the penguins making him sushi.

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