An Analysis of Interpersonal Communications

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Interpersonal Communication is a process of transmitting critical information from one person to another. It also involves their actual understanding, and everything goes through the use of common language or symbols. Therefore, it is a way of interacting with people, and it normally takes place at all times whether planned or not. It is important to understand that without both information and understanding on the part of the other person, communication (which in this case means the understanding of the message) does not occur.

Therefore, the efficiency at which a person in charge communicates always determines the overall level of happiness and success in a person’s life (Canary, Cody & Manusov, 2008).

I work with a professional training organization and my work normally involves training, development and research. There was a time when the catering department was having issues with ratio of food that is supposed to be supplied for different groups within the training sector. The disagreement was stiff and as a competent employee I had to come in and save the situation.

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After letting all the disagreeing parties, we were able to come up with a solution to the problem, and a better pattern was employed to be used in the future. In trying to bring the disagreeing parties together I used a language that that is friendly and the one that all workers are able to understand.


Concerning Human Understanding, there is an articulated view that words have no natural meanings, which shows that the association of words with the important ideas in the mind is an intentional act of the individual person.

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The importance of this is that different words are often related to different meanings, and therefore, interpret the message other than it is intending purpose. In the current market, clarity and understanding are quite essential for business production and growth, and therefore, they cannot be separated from the course of interpersonal communication within all sectors of an organization, especially in the recruitment sector (Duck & McMahan, 2009).

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