An Analysis of I Have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Britton Jackson

The book i chose to do {or my final book evaluation was I Have Lived A Thousand Years by Livia Britton Jackson. I thought that this book was very interesting. yet I have to say that it was not as enjoyable as the other books I have read. It was a very depressing book about the Holocaust. The main reason why I found this book so interesting was because it was a great, yet very sad story amongst an educational and timeless event.

This book is about a girl named Elli who is liberated from the Holocaust. Yet before her liberation she went through many tragedies and hardships She was forced to stay in cold, horrible conditions while living through this tragic event. She had to go to sleep at night while listening to muffled screams and helpless pleas. She returned to her sleeping quarters only alter working a vigorously long day of working.

If I could choose to be one character in this book it would be Elli.

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because she is very strong willed. but] do not think I would ever be able to go through what she did, Also she seemed to be a leader because she did not allow herself to see the worst of things. She showed her leadership by not showing a great deal of [ear and trying as hard as she could to stay alive. It also seemed as if she wanted to look out for and protect everyone. I feel that she had a good attitude considering the situation she was in.

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She never seemed to allow herself to get down. Her only thoughts were of how to get out 01 her situation and make it bettert If I were ever in her situation. I would want the strength that she had. I think that the author wrote his book because it is a true story and she wanted people to know what really happened during the Holocaust Also, I think that she felt site had to do something to let people know what really happened and not let them believe just what they read in [actual books. Sometimes people get the facts wrong.

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