An Analysis of God Creator or God as Creation as a Very Controversial Topic

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I don’t have to introduce my topic because my title says more than I could ever say. God creator or God as creation is a very controversial topic. Personally I think that God created everything and that the other aspect seems a little off the wall. But as I research these topics I will be open minded to the other possibilities.

I am going to start with my research concerning the proof of God being the creator. Obviously there is the most well known book for supporting this kind of research, The Bible.

In Genesis 1:1 it says ” Now in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” And also in Genesis 1:27″ So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them.” And in verse Genesis 1:31″ God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Considering this whole book has been considered an historical work of literature. More proof of Gods existence comes from “The Five proofs of God”.

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The first proof is the consideration of motion. The fact being that nothing is moved with out a mover and that is said to be God. The second is the Nation of efficient course, someone has to poist the first efficient cause and that is God.

The Third proof is taken from possibility and necessity, which means it, is necessary to poist something which is necessary in its own rights, and does not have the course of its necessity from elsewhere but is itself the cause of necessity in other things, and this everybody calls ‘God’.

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The fourth proof is taken from the gradations to be found in things. Hence there is something, which is the course of being and goodness and every other perfection in things, and this we call ‘God’. The fifth way is taken from the manner in which things are directed or guided. Hence there is some intelligent being by which all-natural things are directed to their goal or end; and this we call ‘God’. I stand behind all of these proofs. I feel that they are right and have sufficient evidence.

St. Anselm a well-regarded philosopher and theologian, wrote Proslogian. In the second chapter he says ‘And so O Lord, since thou givest understanding – as far as thou knowest it to be good for me – that thou dost exist, as we believe, and that thou art what we believe thee to be. Now we believe that thou are a being than which none are greater can be conceived.”

The important part of the quote is ” that thou are being than which none greater can be conceived.” This part of the quote has been broken down in to five subjects that have been taken out of the meaning of the quote. The first is There are two types of existence – meaning we can conceive of things that exist in reality and those that do not. The second is That which exist in the mind could possibly exist in reality – The fact that logically something could exist in our minds is very possible, possible enough to be a reality. The third Things that exist in reality are greater than those that exist in the mind – if you can conceive of something greater in the mind and that there is a possibility that it exists. The fourth God only exists in the mind – obviously Anselm doesn’t believe this but he says this for those who don’t believe. And Number five the last one God exists both in reality and in the mind – provided that we accept the possibility of the greatest being’.

David Hume a philosopher in the early 1700’s wrote ” Dialogues concerning Natural Religion” In this break he uses their characters to argue for and against the existence of God. Philo argued the course and effect argument, saying that you don’t cut your finger with out it bleeding, and you don’t build a house without an architect he says that you know you bleed form experience, and you have seen houses built, but can you say the something about the world? or the universe ? Have you witnessed a world being built.

Charles Hartshorne is my next proof of evidence. His most influential contribution to philosophical theism did not concern arguments for the existence of God, but rather was related to a theory of the actuality of God, i.e., how God exists. In process-based or neoclassical conception, God is seen as supreme, unchanging being, but in Hartshorne’s of supreme bring. That is, we humans become for a while, whereas God always becomes, Hartshorne the concept of God. In fact, a small number of scholars–some philosophers and some theologians–think of him as the greatest metaphysician of the second half of the twentieth century, yet with a few exceptions to be treated below, his work has not been very influential among analytic philosophers who are theists.

On Hartshorne’s view, metaphysics does not deal with realities beyond the physical but rather with those features of reality that are ubiquitous or that would exist in any possible world. He assumes that there are three alternatives for us to consider: (1) God is impossible; (2) God is possible but may or may not exist; (3) God exists necessarily. The ontlogical argument shows that the second alternative makes no sense. Hence, he thinks that the prime task for the philosophical theist is to show that God is not impossible.

John Locke, also a very famous philosopher, on Gods existence used for his proof a cosmologicaltype argument. He says that all the powers of all the beings must be traced to an eternal Being, it follows that it is the most powerful, as well as the most knowing, that is, God.

I hope that all the information that I have brought forward helps you understand this topic. And that I have shined some light on the subject. I know that by doing this paper I have learned a lot by doing this paper. I have been totally amazed by all the information that I have came across. And it has really helped me to see the other side of the argument.


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Research Procedure

This paper was a hard paper to do research for when I was getting started but as I went about doing this paper more and more things came up for me to us. First I went the computer database for library and looked a couple of things. Then I proceeded to use the Internet to look up different topics concerning or around the area of my topic. Then after collecting all the different information that needed, I began to sift through it all to material to look for the things that would pertain to my topic and that could be used to prove and explain my point.

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