An Analysis of Bens Character Development in Paper Towns by John Green

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The elements from Paper Towns that need to be emphasized to make the film enjoyable are Ben’s personality and character growth and the road trip in ‘Part 3′ of the novel.

Ben’s personality and character development need to be emphasized in the film adaptation of Paper Towns for many reasons. Ben is probably the funniest character in the book, and he makes most of the jokes. This is needed in the movie because it provides comic relief, especially when all the other characters are very serious most of the time.

Ben is a regular teenager who just wants to have fun with his friends and he is the least complex when it comes to feelings and emotions. He always tries to find the easiest way out of a situation. The audience would be able to easily relate to this character because he reminds them of their high school selves. Over the course of the story, Ben becomes more mature when it comes to his feelings about women but he still remains the same fun loving guy he was before.

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This would add to the movie because it shows another side of the character which the audience can further relate to. Ben’s character development makes this already interesting character even more likeable by showing a softer side of him.

Without Ben’s personality and character growth in the movie, Paper Towns would be lacking the element that keeps it lighthearted and comedic.  The film adaptation also needs to include the road trip at the end of the novel. This is an important part of the book because of the action that takes place. The road trip is an exciting and fun adventure. Audiences would enjoy this because it has a faster pace than the other parts of the book. 

While being fast paced, this section also has a relaxed vibe to it because of the idea of friends just enjoying each other’s company and having fun. The road trip leads up to the ending where the audience will receive answers as to what happened to Margo. The road trip adds a bit of suspense, especially when Q and his friends nearly die in a car crash. Suspense makes the movie more interesting, and it makes audiences eager to see what happens at the end. This part is not only about action though because it shows how the characters have grown closer as friends, and how they are comfortable being themselves around each other. This adds to the movie by giving it a warm and caring theme. The road trip is essential to the book, and needs to be in the movie because it is exciting, while at the same time being sweet and emotional.

In conclusion, the movie Paper Towns needs to include and emphasize Ben’s personality and character development, as well as the road trip, to be enjoyable. Both of these elements are needed to make the story exciting, fun, and sweet. Without these parts, the novel Paper Towns would be more serious and it might even be boring. It wouldn’t appeal to young adults, who are the target audience for the book. To be just as much of a success as the book was, these elements must be included in the film adaptation of Paper Towns.

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