An Analysis of an Individuals Role in Society in Betrayal in the City, a Book by Francis D. Imbuga

Betrayal in the City is a play that exerted a lot of actions in me. The writer Francis Imbuga explains that one has the ability to change the outcome of global affairs through a positive mind set and determinism. Before reading the book, I had a rather conservative perspective about global affairs. Precisely, I believed that ethical responsibilities are tasked to specific groups and there was no need to involve myself in issues that did not concern me. However, the author of this title reveals the achievements a society could achieve through collective role-play.

For starters, Boss and his cousin bend the legal system to their will and exploit the citizens. However, the intervention of the members of the public leads to the attainment of a more stable society. As such, the events in this book have shaped the outcome of my lifestyle greatly as I have constantly involved myself in multiple activities aimed at making the world a better place.

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In fact, since I appreciated the message from this title, my overall life perception has greatly been altered.

Corruption is a vice that can negatively affect a society. Aside from the fact that the government has tasked specific groups with the responsibility of eliminating this vice, collective role play is influential in the elimination of this problem. The author outlines good examples of exploitation and the negative impact created on development (Imbuga, 2010). However, he reveals the role of the public in the elimination of such vices. After reading the book, I have acknowledged the importance of being a part of the team that fosters development.

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Specifically, I have had a change in ideology about collective responsibility and the advantages that are enjoyed through teamwork. Aside from participating in group work activities while at school or community work at home, I have taken an extra initiative of joining online communities that are geared towards the elimination of corruption in the world. As such, this book has positively influenced my life.

Disillusionment initially took the best part of my life before reading this book. However, through a keen assessment of the individual characters in the book, I have learned the importance of developing a similar personality. Precisely, I have been able to maintain a positive mind set while dealing with global affairs. In the book, Jusper loses his parents and brother. Nonetheless, he manages to maintain a positive mindset while dealing with the difficult situation in his community (Imbuga, 2010). In fact, he even strengthens his role in eliminating unethical practices in the society. Consequently, the book has inspired me to have a strong character and to be optimistic in every situation in spite of the severity of the condition. Through accurate presentation of betrayal in this book, I have learned to be cautious of the people I trust. In the play, betrayal manifests itself in different forms ranging from cultural, interpersonal and political scenarios. Through this presentation I learned to be critical about the quality of treatment received from other individuals due to the fear of betrayal. As such, my overall resilience to disappointment has been augmented by this book. In conclusion, Betrayal in the City is a masterful presentation about how one should play a role in making the society a better place. Through an accurate description of the evils of the modern society, I have been able to relate the events in the play to my life. As such, my personality and role play in the community has been made better through this title.


  1. Imbuga, F. (2010). Betrayal in the City. Nairobi: East African Publishers.

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