An Analysis of a Geisha's Struggle for Happiness in Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

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A Geisha52Đâ,,cs Struggle For HappinessÐ2Ð, NSWe human beings are only a part of something very much larger. When we walk along, we may crush a beetle or simply cause a change in the air so that a fly ends up where it might never have gone otherwise. And if we think of the same example but with ourselves in the role of the insect, and the larger universe in the role we?Ð,â,,cve just played, itÐ2Ð,â,cs perfectly clear that weĐĐâ,cre affected every day by forces over which we have no more control than the poor beetle has over our gigantic foot as it descends upon it.

What are we to do? We must use whatever methods we can to understand the movement of the universe around us and time our actions so that we are not fighting the currents, but moving with them.Ð2Ð, Nee-Author GoldenEric Lemaire05/12/06English Comp II Professor Everest The geisha world has been a mystery to those outside the entourage for as long as okia houses have been around.

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In Arthur Golden Ð2Ð,â,,cs Memoirs of a Geisha, a heartfelt and powerful story is told on how an unusually beautiful nine-year-old girl from an impoverished fishing family around the mid 1910Ð2Ð,â,cs finds herself torn apart from her family members in the blink of an eye and how she is taken to Kyoto and sold into slavery to a geisha house. The lost of her father, mother, and sister amounts to only a fraction of the pain she is subjected to as she is repeatedly faced with the loss of identity and abandonment of her life, dreams, and loved ones over the course of her life.

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Poor Chiyo finds herself in a state of hopelessness and one day she is treated with the deepest form of kindness by an elderly man who was accompanied by a geisha. From that day forward, young Chiyo devotes every ounce of energy she possessed in becoming a geisha and perhaps one day meeting this kind stranger yet once again in hopes of living out the remaining of her life happy. This young girl is forced to reinvent and refine her image as to become a desirable and popular geisha in the district of Gion. Throughout the years of working up the hierarchal ladder at the okia, she finds herself trying to balance two opposing lives but unfortunately both worlds cannot coexist for personal interest and love has been taught to be nothing but a mere fairytale in the eyes of geisha. Thus she battles with the inner conflict of being true to herself, seeking happiness, and still managing to remain honorable to the rules of being not only a geisha but one of the most popular and desired geisha in Gion. This is merely a story of an on-going battle for freedom and love. The female protagonist is first introduced as Chiyo and is latter renamed Sayuri when she is given the opportunity to become an apprentice geisha or meiko in her latter years. In the beginning she is portrayed as a clever, sensitive, witty, and pretty daughter of a fisherman and his dying wife in a poor and remote town in Japan. Having similar qualities with her mother, she is the very antithesis of her foolish and Đ-Đ,ÑšplainÐ2Ð,Ne older sister Satsu. She possessed a great deal of water in her personality, which made her easy to get along with. Her sister on the other hand clearly took after their father having a strong amount of wood in her personality and being quite stern and stubborn. Chiyo never had much growing up but she did at least have her loving family by her side. Although young, Chiyo did begin to grasp the idea that her motherÐ2Ð,&,cs illness was a terminal one and that she would not be with her for long. ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,,cs father was a feeble old man and was also aware that he had little time left on this earth. Trying to secure his daughters future, he decided to sell them to a wealthy fish factory owner. Chiyo latter was separated from her sister and forced to live and work at a local geisha house in the city of Gion. From that day on, poor Chiyo found herself living a life of servitude. After a few months Chiyo had gotten used to her routine. She tried her best not to get into trouble but antagonist Hatsumomo threatened by ChiyoÐ2Ð,a,,cs beauty vowed to make her already miserable life even worst to ensure that she would never become a geisha. All this was done out of fear that Chiyo would one day steal HatsumomoÐ2Ð,â,,cs spotlight. ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,cs life had become a monotonous series of pointless events for she felt as if her life could not worsen in any way.From ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,cs very first arrival, she was immediately befriended by Pumpkin, another servant or maid about the same age as her also destined to be a Geisha. Pumpkin watched out for Chiyo and made sure she was on the right track. A few months went by and Hatsumomo confessed that she knew the whereabouts of ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,cs sister Satsu and that she had come looking for her. This was months ago. In an act of desperation and determined to see her sister again, Chiyo made a promise to Hatsumomo that she would do exactly as she wished from that point on in exchange for knowledge on her sisterÐ2Ð,a,,cs location. Hatsumomo of course repeatedly abuses her power and leverage over Chiyo to destroy her career before it ever began. In one scenario, Hatsumomo comes home drunk from a night out and confiscates MamehaÐ2Ð,â,,cs (her rival GeishaÐ2Ð,,,cs) most treasured Kimono. She then signals Chiyo to come over and drives her hand with a paintbrush all around the Kimono, ruining it. Chiyo is of course blamed for this and a debt was added to her. With time, Chiyo is told on where to find her sister and manages to get away from the okia long enough to find her. Her sister, at the time thirteen was forced to work as a prostitute. Chiyo didnÐ2Ð,a,,ct understand this of course but she knew for sure that her sisterÐ2Ð,a,,cs living condition and lifestyle was by far worst than hers. They both agreed to meet up near a lake not to far from the okia in a few days in order to permanently escape what has grown to become their lives. Chiyo made sure not to get into any trouble until that very day she would be free at last. The night she was supposed to escape she went to bed early but did not fall asleep. She laid on her bed motionless awaiting the other maids to retreat to their own beds as well. As soon as it was quiet enough and as soon as Chiyo was certain everyone was fast asleep, she got up and quickly made her way to the roof of the okia. Unfortunately she slipped off the roof and woke up on a mat to a doctor attending to her injuries with Mother (the owner of the okia) looking down on her. She was scolded again and another debt was added to her. That evening she was informed that her sister had successfully escaped and that both her parents had past six to seven weeks after her having left Yoroido. Desolated and purposeless, Chiyo went about the days doing the work she was told to. She was destined to spend the remaining of her days repaying her debt to the okia as a servant. One lonely afternoon, Chiyo is caught weeping over a bridge by a well-dressed man who is known as the Chairman. He startles her asking her why she appeared to be so sad. This is taken as one of the most unexpected event to have ever occurred to Chiyo for she believes strongly that no one of importance would waste their time talking to a little servant girl. Not only was the Chairman talking to Chiyo but was kind as kind could be. The Chairman continued to offer his kindness by handing her some money and suggesting that she treat herself to some sweet cherry covered shaved ice. At that moment, Chiyo noticed the geisha that the Chairman was accompanied by. With some more words of kindness, the Chairman departs leaving little Chiyo with hope, aspiration, and his handkerchief. From that very moment, Chiyo was transformed into someone with purpose. She saw that becoming a geisha could be an outlet or a stepping stone towards reuniting her with the Chairman yet once again and perhaps finding some form of happiness and closer in her life. The money that the Chairman left Chiyo was more than she would need for a cone of shaved ice. She finished her dessert, took the remaining change, and rushed towards the Gion Shrine. She went up the flight of stairs and passed through the gate that led to the shrine itself. She thought hard and realized that the coins she held were perhaps enough to get her out of Gion but she dropped them in the offertory box and decided to give them back in prayer instead. She prayed that she would one day become a geisha and have the courage to go through all the hardships that involved her getting there to one day meet a man like the Chairman. A couple years went by and Chiyo had gotten use to her routine. She was still a servant but performed her chores with more motivation and content. Every night before she went to sleep, Chiyo would pull out the ChairmanÐ2Ð,â,cs handkerchief from her robe and hold it tight for a while. Some new maids were being recruited and many of PumpkinÐ2Ð,â,,cs chores were taken away from her. She had finally become an apprentice geisha and was taken under HatsumomoÐ2Ð,â,,cs wing. One evening, an unexpected visitor came to the okia accompanied by a maid. She spoke to Mother for a while. When she was on her way out, Chiyo managed to get a better glimpse of who it was and at that very moment she realized that it was Mameha, the geisha whose kimono Hatsumomo had forced her to ruin. Before she left, Mameha was caught staring in amazement at Chiyo unusual yet pretty eyes. Mameha question Chiyo for a while and then left. Latter that same day, Mameha had summoned Chiyo to come over her apartment. Chiyo quickly apologized for having ruined her kimono but Mameha admitted that she knew Hatsumomo was behind it all along. She also mentioned that Hatsumomo could not bear the thought of competition, which is why she constantly trying to hurt Chiyo. Chiyo is then asked why she has stopped with her studies on becoming a geisha and then Chiyo explained how she tried to escape that night she broke her arm. Để,NŠNow mother wonÐ2Ð,a,,ct invest another sen in my training since sheÐ2Ð,a,,cs afraid I may run away again2+, Ne (Golden 124). Both Mahema and Chiyo continue their conversation as Chiyo learns a great deal about herself and what really goes around at the okia. Mahema also informs her that she needs someone to be willing enough to invest in her and cover her expenses and that is only way she will be given a chance to become a geisha. On that note, Mameha had decided to propose to Mother that she take Chiyo in with her and allow her to be given the opportunity to become an apprentice geisha. She also learned that someone must inherit the okia and that now it had become both Mameha?,,,cs and ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,cs plan to get Chiyo to inherit it. As planned, Mameha had discussed ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,cs future with Mother. Mother could not understand MamehaÐ2Ð,a,,cs interest in Chiyo and was quite skeptical of the whole idea. Mameha than proposed that she would have Chiyo repay all her debts within the first six months of her debut. This was seen as an impossibility for there was too little time and Chiyo debt was far too high. Her confidence in Chiyo pushed Mameha to offer to pay twice the amount that Chiyo owed the okia under the condition that Mother would have no part in ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,cs future earnings. With that, the deal was sealed and Chiyo was to become an apprentice geisha. This moment marked the turning point in ChiyoÐ2Ð,â,,cs life. Her life of rags and servitude was at a stop. She began her training with Mamaha and had to learn in months what would take years. Here training was vigorous but she caught up to the others in a timely fashion. She spent months learning how to flirt with men, engage in pleasant conversations, properly serve tea, play certain instruments, and merely the many arts of entertainment. After all that is what the meaning of geisha is: artist. She had become a moving work of art and she was put to the final test by managing to stop a man in his tracks with one simple glance. Thus her training had ended and a ceremony was performed. That night Chiyo left the little scared girl within her behind as she was granted with her new name: Sayuri. Sayuri felt a shift in her life and with that she was ready for her major debut. Mameha had taken her to her first performance as an apprentice geisha to a local tea house. Present there were many men in high ranks of the government, businessmen, and of course the Barron, which was at the time MamehaÐ2Ð,â,,cs danna or patron. A danna was not a husband, nor was he a boyfriend. He is a man that chooses to have a geisha as a mistress and took care of her financially. He also had privileges such as a sexual relationship with the geisha. Mameha2,,,cs purpose was to give Sayuri some experience and some exposure. She wanted her to be noticed by every man in the city of Gion. Of course Hatsumomo was jealous as ever now that Sayuri actually got the chance to become a geisha. What bothered her most was that Sayuri had the potential to be one of the best geisha ever known in Gion. She had instantly forbidden Pumpkin to speak or interact with Sayuri. She was after all Pumpkin2,,,cs Đ2, Ñšbig sisterÐ2Ð, Noe so Pumpkin had to do what she was told by Hatsumomo. This hurt both Sayuri and Pumpkin and with that friend was turned against friend within the same household. Hatsumomo knew of SayuriÐ2Ð,a,,cs dubut and was determined to sabotage poor SayuriÐ2Ð,â,,cs career before it even began. She went over to the tea house with Pumpkin by her side with the only motivation of embarrassing Sayuri and finding out which men she would be preying and concentrating her attention on. She had managed to ruin several other young geisha+25,â,,cs careers in the past and both Sayuri and Mameha knew what she was up too. At the tea house Sayuri had began rubbing elbows with the right men. She danced, flirted, and served tea. In the background, Hatsumomo was busy stealing SayuriÐ2Ð,â,cs spotlight and trying to make a fool out of Sayuri. Sayuri had always proved to be a girl that possessed a quick mouth of wit and poetry. With the twist of a few words, she instantaneously flipped the attention towards her again and managed to crack a light joke at HatsumomoÐ2Ð,â,,cs expense. The men laughed and Hatsumomo was quiet for the remainder of that evening. Outside the tea house, Hatsumomo slapped Sayuri and vowed to destroy her career. Mameha talked to Sayuri, exposing the bitter truth of HatsumomoÐ2Ð,a,,cs nature and how she would do everything she possibly could within her power to afflict damage on SayuriÐ2Ð,â,,cs future and steal her clients. With that, Mameha also assured her that there was nothing to worry about as long as she trusted her Đ2Ð,Ñšolder sisterÐ2Ð, Noe with all her might. Mameha had already planned another target. She was going to bring Sayuri to a local summo match where she would meet the owner of the lwamura Electric Company and his business partner Mr. Nobu. She was warned in advance that Mr. Nobu was a difficult man and did not like geisha. When they both arrived at the summo match, Mameha motioned Sayuri towards the two men. To SayuriÐ2Ð,a,,cs amazement, one of the men happened to be the Chairman. Mameha walk towards the Chairman and the man standing next to him which Sayuri took to be Mr. Nobu. It is that very moment, Sayuri realized that both Mr. lwamura and the Chairman was the same person. She felt as if her wishes were finally coming true as she was reunited with the Chairman again. In that moment, Mameha noticed that Hatusmomo and Pumpkin were entering the arena. Mameha quickly whispered in SayuriÐ2Ð,a,,cs ear to direct her attention towards Mr. Nobu. Sayuri seemed a little distant and asked Mameha why because Nobu wasnÐ2Ð,,,ct exactly the best-looking man there was and Sayuri was more interested in the Chairman. Mameha made Sayuri understand that Hatsumomo detested Mr. Nobu and found him disgusting and if she saw Sayuri flirting with Nobu, it would render her confused and she wouldnÐ2Ð,a,,ct try to steal him away from her. Sayuri did as she was told and began grabbing Mr. NobuÐ2Ð,â,cs attention. He was quiet found of war, summo wrestling, and business and believed them to be the three most important things in life. But surely a geisha whose life consisted of dancing and putting on makeup would know nothing of that sort. Sayuri explained how war is nothing more than a dance between countries, wrestling – a dance between giants, and business – a dance between companies. With that alone, Sayuri had managed to be the first geisha to have gained the interest of Mr. Nobu. Mameha continued to push Sayuri towards men and extend her social net in attempt to build up her reputation, have her well-known, and desired throughout the city. Mameha found an excuse to introduced Sayuri to Dr. Crab. As Dr. Crab took care of Sayuri ,a,,cs injuries Mameha promoted Sayuri as a new, inexperience geisha with lots of potential. An attraction towards Sayuri was obvious but Sayuri was left in the dark about why Mameha was getting her to attract these men at the same time. It was settled that the only way Sayuri would ever pay her debt in time would be to have her misuage or virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder. At the time, Sayuri was about sixteen and Mameha described her misuage as being the point when , Nša manÐ2Ð,â,,cs eel wants to enter the femaleÐ2Ð,â,cs caveÐ2Ð, No (101). What Mameha was doing was quite brilliant for she was trying to get both Mr. Nobu and Dr. Crab to fight over Sayuri at the auction. A geishaÐ2Ð,â,,cs misuage is suppose to be the climax in a geishaÐ2Ð,,,cs life where she both losses her virginity and gains the most money possible from a man or a danna. Jealous, Hatsumomo decided to spread rumors about Sayuri. One night, while visiting Dr. Crab, Hatsumomo had told him that Sayuri had a habit of bringing all type of men to her room. This disgusted Dr. Crab and he had no further interest in Sayuri. With that there would be nobody for Mr. Nobu to bid against and that wouldnÐ2Ð,â,,ct earn Sayuri much. Mameha had thought of another plan. Within days, flyers all over the streets of Gion advertised the auctioning of the most desired geishaÐ2Ð,â,,cs misuage. A whole room would be dedicated to Sayuri and filled with men awaiting her performance and the auctioning of her misuage. This was the talk of the whole town and this infuriated Mamaha even more. Even Pumpkin caught herself feeling jealous. Pumpkin had nothing to look forward to until it was agreed that Mother would adopt her and leave the okia to her. This was the only thing she had for she was an unsuccessful geisha and would probably never manage to pay of her debts and free herself from the okia. At least with the okia in her name she would have a life to her own. Hearing this news troubled Sayuri for MamehaÐ2Ð,a,,cs plan was to get Mother to adopt Sayuri and this would mean betraying Pumpkin. The night of SayuriÐ2Ð,â,,cs auction had come and it seemed that the whole city was there awaiting SayuriÐ2Ð,â,cs performance. Hatsumomo was accompanied by her Pumpkin and Mameha by her danna. The Chairman, Mr. Nobu, Dr. Crab, and all the other men and geisha in the city were at this celebration. Sayuri put on her performance and dance the all night long. At the end everybody was mingling and Sayuria had managed to gain the interest of Mr. Crab yet again and with her wit she persuaded him that any rumors he may have heard were not necessarily true. Sayuri was in fact the most celebrated geisha in Gion now all was left was to wait. The next day everyone at the okia waited the results of SayuriÐ2Ð,â,cs auction. She had surpassed MamehaÐ2Ð,â,,cs outrageous bid of 10,000 yen with astounding 15,000 yen. This had never happened in geisha history. Mother was quite pleased and announced that all 15,000 yen would go straight to the okia. Both Sayuri and Mameha were confused and then Mother proclaimed that she would adopt Sayuri as her daughter and she would be the heir to the okia. With that said, Hatsumomo had burst into an outrage and argued that she had promised the okia to Pumpkin. Pumpkin was in tears and Mother pointed how Pumpkin would only be a puppet and Hatsumomo the puppeteer. She continued by suggesting how Hatsumomo would then drive everyone out the okia. The animosity grew between Pumpkin and Sayuri. Now Pumpkin2,,,cs only hopes and dreams were forever crushed. Dr. Crab had the highest bid and Sayuri was to give up her misuage to him which she did that night. With SayuriÐ2Ð,a,,cs accomplishments and new ranking title, Mother told to Hatsumomo to give up her room to Sayuri. Enraged, Hatsumomo grabbed a couple kerosene lamps and smashed them all around the okia. The okia burned down to the grown and nothing was left but ash. This was a new era and it was marked by the invasion of the United States and the bombing of Hiroshima. Most people from Gion were evacuated. The chairman came across Sayuri and Mameha and handed them each a ticket and provided them with transportation and some information on whom to meet and where to go from that point on. Sayuri did not want to be separated from Mameha but the Chairman ensured her that they both would be safe and they both were off on the own directions. The Chairman stayed back for his business was still there and he had certain things he needed to take care of. Sayuri found herself in a remote village in Japan doing laundry with several other people. Her life consisted of waking up, getting her ration of food, working all day, and going back to sleep. She long awaited the day that the Chairman would come and rescue her from her life of misery. The days grew into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, until Sayuri lost track of how long she been working and living in that village. One day, while Sayuri was busy working, a most unexpected thing happened. One of the men that was working along her side came towards her and told her that a man was looking for her. She quickly ran believing that the Chairman had finally come to liberate her and out of the blue there stood Mr. Nobu. They talked for a while and Mr. Nobu felt a great deal of guilt for not having Đạo, Nštook better careÐ2Ð, No of Sayuri. He looked at her as she would a normal person for she was now in rags and not in the rare and extravagant kimonos he is used to seeing her in. Mr. Nobu continued to talk about his company and how he and the Chairman were in need of SayuriÐ2Ð,â,,cs help. They were on the verge of sealing a deal with some local Americans and they were quite fond of Sayuri when they saw a poster of her. She could be the key to sealing that deal and all she would have to do would be to put on her kimono yet once again and entertain the Americans with light conversation, music, and her beauty. With much convincing and the thought of seeing the Chairman again, Sayuri agreed to help Mr. Nobu.Sayuri went back to the one person she knew would be able to transform her back to the celebrated geisha she once was. She sought after Mameha for she and only she would be able to help and guide her. She begged Mameha to help her and she admitted to have saved one special kimono. Her transformation began and she was once again a geisha. She met up with Pumpkin and asked her for her help as well. Pumpkin had changed a lot during the years. She seemed a lot happier now but had become something more of a prostitute than a geisha. Pumpkin, Sayuri, Mr. Nobu, Mameha, and the Chairman boarded a plane with the two AmericanÐ2Ð,â,cs and headed for New York. They spend a few nights enjoying each others company and one night, Mr. Nobu approached Sayuri and proposed to be her danna. She appeared indifferent about Mr.NobuÐ2Ð,â,cs proposal and rushed to Mameha explaining her why she couldnĐ,a,,ct accept Mr. NobuÐ2Ð,â,,cs proposal. Mameha reminded Sayuri that women who become geisha do so not to pursue their own destiny but rather because they have no choice. They engaged in a heated argument and Mameha made it clear to Sayuri that she couldnÐ2Ð,â,¢t allow her personal feelings to get in between her and her goal, which was getting a danna. Sayuri left the room in fury and took it upon herself to get what she wanted which was a life of her own. Sayuri had been seeking happiness since that very day she stripped away from her family. Time after time, has proved to her that her life would forever be a miserable one until the day that she met the kindest of all men: the Chairman. Since their encounter, SayuriÐ2Ð,â,,cs every step was in hope of getting together with the Chairman and living her life happily with him. Unfortunately, from the get go, life had been pulling her away from her goal. She was so close and was not about to give up at that point. Sayuri had rejected one of the American ĐĐ,a,,cs advances once before and the very thought of both of them together angered Mr. Nobu to the point of inflicting harm upon himself. Sayuri thought that the only way she could have a chance to be with the Chairman was if Mr. Nobu had no interest in her any longer. Sayuri planned to be Đ2Ð,ÑšaccidentallyÐ2Ð, Noe caught in bed with the American by Mr. Nobu. She quickly arranged this by getting the American at the right place and telling Pumpkin no more than to accompany Mr. Nobu to a given room at a given time. Sayuri rushed back and prepared this. She was in bed with the American and she was trying to pass the time so that NobuÐ2Ð,a,,cs presence would be timed well. All of a sudden, she heard some voices and some footsteps and she allowed the American to do as he wished to her and to her surprise, there stood Pumpkin and the Chairman staring in disgust. This was not what Sayuri had planned and she was devastated. The Chairman merely walked away and Pumpkin followed. Sayuri left the American lying on the mat and she rushed to talk to Pumpkin, begging her to tell her why she had done what she did given the fact that she knows how much the Chairman meant to her. PumpkinÐ2Ð,a,,cs facial expression suddenly changed in a glimpse of an eye and she responded by saying that she did what she did for that very reason. She knew what the Chairman meant to Sayuri and she continued by adding how Sayuri knew how becoming the heir to the okia was important to her. Sayuri understood at that moment that Pumpkin had never forgiven her for what wasnĐ-Đâ,,ct her fault to begin with. This was another person dear to Sayuri which was lost to her in this world of survival. Sayuri had taken the unforeseen, powerful hit that Pumpkin had thrown towards her in silence. She said nothing but walked up to the highest cliff she could find and clutched the ChairmanÐ2Ð,a,,cs handkerchief close to her. She then let go of the very handkerchief that she had treasured for the past couple years as she let go of her past and foolish dreams for good. She described herself as being like a branch that has lost all its leaves as her heart died a slow death. She began to accept her nature and proceeded by admitting to be geisha is to feel nothing and to want nothing. To be geisha is to be a moving piece of art and they are destined to live their remaining years entertaining men. No geisha could ask for more. One lonely evening, Mother announced that a man had agreed to be Sayuri ,a,,cs danna and she believed it to be Mr. Nobu. Sayuri accepted whatever path her life took her to and prepared herself to meet her new danna. As she waited by the lake and hand touched her on her right shoulder. When she turned around the Chairman stood looking at her. She asked for Mr. Nobu and the Chairman explained how he had found out about her and the American and how he is not a man that is known to forgive. Sayuri was quick to apologize but then to her amazement, the Chairman said that it was he that needed to apologize. Sayuri did not understand and then the Chairman began to illustrate a story of how long ago he encountered a little girl on a bridge and how he offered her some sweet cherry ice shavings. That moment Sayuri understood that he knew all along that she was that little girl and she asked him why he took so long to confront her. The Chairman explained how he owed Mr. Nobu his life and when he realized he had a shot at happiness with Sayuri he stepped back. Sayuri turned away and the Chairman addressed Sayuri by her childhood name Chiyo and admitted that he could wait no longer. She turned back around and began to cry telling him how every step she had taken since that very day was to bring both of them closer. Whether we call her Sayuri or Chiyo, this young girlÐ2Ð,â,,cs eternal battle with life and fight to acquire the basic rights given to us at birth is both unbearably sad and endearing. She battles with the goal of earning her freedom and simply being happy. Her battle began as a young girl before she even knew what love really meant and yet her struggle has lead her in the right direction. We the readers do sympathize with her for we slowly see every little positive aspect in her life striped from her bit by bit. We almost take part in her everyday life style as the author illustrates daily activities and high and low points. Her secret desires may seem juvenile and unusual to us from our point of view but this nevertheless does not take away the pain that she subdued and her determination to gain control over her life and not float by accepting ones path as water often does. At the end, she even managed to defy the laws of being a geisha by ending up with her one and only true love. Work CitedAgaston, Karen.Ð2Ð, NŠBook ReviewÐ2Ð, No. 28 March. 2006.Anonymous.Đ2D,NŠBook ReviewÐ2Ð, No. 28 March. 2006. Anonymous.Đ25,ÑŠEditorial Review and CommentsÐ2Ð, No. 25 March. 2006.Davis, L.Ð2Ð,NŠBook ReviewÐ2Ð, No. 28 March. 2006.Erickson, Christina B.Ð2Ð,ÑŠBook ReviewÐ2Ð, No. 28 March 2006. Golden, Author. D’Â-Memoirs of a Geisha. New York: Vintage Books, A Division of Random House, Inc, 1997. Greenbaum, M. Allen.Ð2Ð, NŠBook ReviewÐ2Ð, No. 28 March 2006.Ravenova.аÐ,NŠBook ReviewĐĐ,Ỹe. 28 March 2006.Starr, Kristyn. Đ>Đ,ÑÖMemoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden52D,No. 5 April 2006.

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