An Activity to Show the Different Learning Styles

I learned about my personal learning styles and some strategies to help me throughout the classes. This activity shows different styles of learning. On their scale of results, I was extremely victorious in assisting John in picking the principles to apply to the environment. I found myself very excited because now I knew more than I did before the activity I believe that this activity was set up similar to unit one activity, as a result I went through the activity with confidence in knowing what I was doing.

I felt pretty good because I was doing a wonderful job I got 4 out of the 4 correct. I believe that my accomplishment in doing well in this unit is because I am learning pretty well the strategies and concepts for an instructional designer and I am also implementing these theories through schema activation. I believe that as an active learner, I am more apt to retain and understand information by seeing and doing activities pertaining to the subject rather than just sitting in a classroom trying to listen and take notes.

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In recent years there has been an increased focus on the role of education and training and on the effectiveness and efficiency of various instructional design strategies.

Some of the most important breakthroughs in this regard has come from the discipline of Cognitive Science, which deals with the mental Unit Four Activity 2 processes of learning, memory and problem solving. Schemas that are well learning may be recalled and applied with relative ease.

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For example, someone learning to pilot a plane needs to concentrate intently on the knowledge and skills required to coordinate the movements of the brake, stick and flying instruments, in order to fly smoothly. After several years of flying, however, most pilots are able to fly “automatically”. As automation develops, there is a reduction in the need for concentration. Schema theory provides a conceptual tool to help us examine these activities with their issues. This theory is a way of explaining how people structure their knowledge of the world (Rumelhart, 1980; Pearson, 1982; Anderson, 1984a). In the last decade, a second-generation schema theory has been developed call Cognitive Flexibility Theory. This theory shows that people apply not just one schema but parts of multiple schemas to understand new situations.

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