America’s racial front Essay

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America’s racial front

This scripture, taken from Matthew 15:8, denotes flawlessly what was, what is, but hopefully what will not always be the plight of America’s racial front. In 1964, a Civil Rights Act was passed outlawing segregation in schools and other public places. Following its passage, blatant acts of racism were no longer tolerated in the United States. This meant that to utter racial slurs, and publicly assert one’s agreement with racial stereotypes came to be considered “distasteful” or “politically incorrect”. Therefore, though in more covert forms than in times past, racism yet rears its ugly head.

Perhaps this is because America, though cloaked in the beautiful garment we refer to as equality, is yet stained with the sin of racism. This fact is most evident in the very places in which it was originally outlawed. One of the many purposes for which this law was passed was to prevent age, gender, and racial discrimination in the field of healthcare. Unfortunately, because discrimination is not a superfluous issue, but rather a serious concern due to its institutionalization, elderly people have died in huge numbers due physicians who did not hold their heal in high enough regard to follow proper (though at times, troublesome) procedure.

In addition, homosexuals are often experience horrible bedside manners from doctors who disagree with the way in which they’ve chosen to live their lives, and sadly African American men, women, and children are constantly subjected to second-rate care simply due to the color of their skin. This ugly picture is nothing like the pretty one painted by America for others to see.

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