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Robert W. Sweet

To ponder the legal and judicial problems that arise from the drug war we turned to Robert Sweet, a District Judge in New York City. He has served as an Assistant U. S. Attorney and as Deputy Mayor of New York City under John Lindsay. He is a graduate of Yale and of Yale Law… View Article

Gathering information from tips

Recommendations Gathering information from tips is another gray area that should be reviewed cautiously. Limitations and restrictions concerning tips vary from state to state, but if they are entered into а multijurisdictional criminal intelligence database as enumerated above, they are subject to many of the same guidelines. Tips are vital sources of information. They can… View Article

African Americans

In the beginning of 20-th century African Americans were already free from slavery, but their rights differed significantly with the rights of “white” people. Politics of segregation was still in place, and African Americans, especially in Southern states, were forced to live in separate parts of cities. Special institutions like schools, churches, cemeteries, even special… View Article


Korean-Americans are increasingly rising in number and have established their own communities in the different parts of the country (Lee, p. 21). They usually settle in the country as entrepreneurs and prosper in this endeavor. The highest concentration of Korean-Americans can be found in California, in the 1990’s census the Korean population in the state… View Article

Is Social Security going Bankrupt?

Background of Research When the US Social Security retirement system was instituted in 1937, one major objective was to provide incentives for older workers to retire so that more jobs would be available for younger workers. At that time, life expectancies were considerably lower, and there were far more working-age adults than elderly. Now, however,… View Article

Either Way: White People in America are Funny

Either way you look at it, white people are fun to make fun of.  Blue collar or white collar, educated or uneducated, white people just don’t have a clue, collectively.  In the United States, there is no shortage of white Americans to laugh at.  Take for instance, the blue collar “redneck” subset of whites and… View Article

War on Terrorism and the Effect on Muslim Americans

The American led war on terrorism has brought numerous concerns among human rights activists across the globe. This is because the war has been perceived as a tool for victimizing and discriminating individuals of the Islamic religion and nationality. Such have been closely attributed to the fact that the American nation blames Al-Qaeda and other… View Article

African Americans

African Americans have a unique history as well as culture. Their history in the United States is greatly influenced and shaped by the events in the last three centuries. A period that would shape their destiny, their interactions as well as their orientation to most important events in life. The United States census figures put… View Article

The More Factor

In the essay “The More Factor,” author Laurence Shames honestly presents the backstory of America in desperate need of more. Shames begins with an illustration from the 1880s, in which large amounts of land in Texas would be developed into towns with unnecessary accessories. After building the towns, most residents would move on, but some… View Article


Passage: “As I have endeavored to show you how Europeans become Americans; it may not be disagreeable to show you likewise how the various Christian sects introduced, wear out, and how religious indifference becomes prevalent. When any considerable number of a particular sect happens to dwell contiguous to each other, they immediately erect a temple,… View Article

Safeguarding the security of Americans

The FDA is responsible for safeguarding the security of Americans by ensuring that all types of Pharmaceutical and biological products, cosmetics, medical equipment and the nation’s food supplies are inspected and meet the standards expected. However, this has been compromised because the organization faces severe under funding. Hence, the nation is experiencing increased cases of… View Article

What We Really Miss About 1950’s

In the article,“ What We Really Miss About 1950’s,” Stephanie Coontz states that “In a poll by the Knight-Ridder news agency, more Americans chose the 1950’s than any single decade as the best time for children to grow up. ” However, Coontz has her own view of the 1950s. Using strong and logical facts, she… View Article

Father Le Jeune and the Native Americans

The Jesuits were known for their zeal in spreading Catholicism in the New World. Father Le Jeune, a French missionary, was not an exception. He spent years traveling and teaching the essentials of the Christian religion in New France. In his commentary, he noted that the Indians, contrary to popular opinion, were eager to learn… View Article

From Africa to the Americans

The first pages of Kelly and Lewis’ To Make Our World Anew: Volume I: A History of African Americans to 1880 had opened the eyes of its readers about the real nature of the African race. While discussing the slave history of Black in the Western Hemisphere, he redirect the focus in discussing the great… View Article

The black Americans in the United States of America

The black Americans in the United States of America have a long history. Much of their history depicts a lot of injustice that existed in the United States of America. The black Americans in the United States of America have their history from the time of slavery where many slaves were taken from the western… View Article

Success of Native Americans

The authors of the article aimed to decipher the factors that contribute or hinder the academic success of Native Americans attending American universities at the freshman year level. Specifically, they directed their study on the relationship between the culture of Native Americans to their academic grade point average, or GPA. They theorized that Native Americans… View Article


There are two concepts one should talk about when approaching the subject of immigration and how it applies to a minority: integration and assimilation. Integration is the acceptance of a country’s laws and basic principles while keeping a distinct cultural identity. By contrast, assimilation requires adopting the majority’s customs, values and way of life. Because… View Article

The American image of Thanksgiving

The American image of Thanksgiving is much different from the historical facts. The American vision is a big happy celebration with many people sitting around a long, wooden table. This, sadly, is not historically accurate at all. In this essay I will explain the current American’s Thanksgiving story as well as the historically accurate version…. View Article

Discrimination and the Arts

1. W.E.B Du Bois makes a strong and persuasive argument about “double consciousness” and racial struggle in America. ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Do you agree that “art”—broadly defined—can be an antidote or a form of resistance against certain kinds of discrimination? 2. Take a position on this issue by first exploring at least three of our… View Article