American Values - Duty, Honor and Country

These values motivate our people to succeed in their duties, whether it is their service to their country, their job, or personal goals. Greatness are founded on these three.

Duty is the need or strong will to do something for a cause. Duty is what strengthens the courage and motivation to overcome a challenge and to succeed. Honor is the respect gained from accomplishments. It is the payoff for accomplishing a task. Country is our home, people, culture, and shared values among our people.

It duty to contribute to our country using duty and honor to be a better citizen.

I exercise my duty everyday by working hard in my education. I complete all assignments and work for high success. My current duties as a high school student is to prepare myself for later duties as an citizen of the United States. I am honored for my high performance, having a high GPA, and to be accepted for a university. I do service to my country by voicing my concerns for society and preparing to be as productive to society as possible.

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In order to be a righteous citizen, one needs to operate in all three of these qualities. Duty is required to motivate citizens to complete tasks in the benefit of their country. Honor is the respect earned for duties of citizens. Honor is a primary value that motivates citizens to serve their duties. Country is the land that is a loyal citizen’s duty to protect and serve. Country is built on duty and honor.

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A true citizens upholds the strength of their country using duty, honor, and country.

The citizens of the United States of America all have a common need to fully uphold duty, honor, and country. Our country and people are built by these values. Duty, honor, and country are basic necessities for a functional societies.

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American Values - Duty, Honor and Country

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