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American population

In order to understand the effect that California Proposition 187 had upon the student population of Los Angeles, it is essential to first discuss in brief the said proposition. In a 1994 ballot initiative, it was decided that illegal immigrants were no longer going to be granted the benefits that were offered to the general population such as social care, health benefits and even public education. As expected, this raised quite an outcry in Los Angeles and the rest of California.

The reason for this is that because the proposition specifically stated that no person was to receive public benefits unless it was proven that they possessed the legal right to stay in the United States. Needless to say, the repercussions of allowing such a law to become effective are far reaching. Not only would these people be prohibited from receiving benefits that are necessary for their survival in a foreign country but it would also deprive their children of a future.

Without education benefits, many of the affected immigrants would not be able to improve themselves and find the proper jobs in order to alleviate their situation. Education remains to most essential factor in determining the welfare of a person. To deny such would greatly affect their chances of succeeding in the future. The reason that this had a great effect on the student population of Los Angeles is the fact that there are a number of illegal immigrants in the area.

This would result in a number of schools not having enough students because they would all be ineligible to receive educational benefits. Another reason why this became problematic for the students of Los Angeles is due to the fact that the Proposition allows anyone who is suspected of being an illegal immigrant to be investigated and initially denied any of the benefits. Given the large latin American population in the area, thousands would really be affected.

In response to the passage of Proposition 187, several students took the streets and several schools had to close in response to this. As history reveals, the law was never successfully implemented and several schools were hesitant to enforce it. Be that as it may, however, it does not deny the fact that it did change the course of history and has perhaps provided changes for the betterment of the Country as a whole.

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