American Nurses Association Essay

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American Nurses Association

According to American Nurses Association website, nursing- sensitive indicators are defined as the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care ( Quality care for patients in the hospital is important to their healing process. It is important to know what the nursing-sensitive indicators are and how they affect patients. The indicators are intended to focus plans and programs to increase quality and safety in patient care. In this scenario with Mr. J, many members of the healthcare team were not doing enough to make sure he was safe and that his needs were met to the fullest. Knowing what the nursing- sensitive indicators are could have helped prevent Mr. J from developing a pressure ulcer and making sure he was getting the correct diet.

The healthcare team responsible for Mr. J did not advocate for him like they should have and let things slip when they should have been reported and taken care of. Understanding nursing-sensitive indicators can help nurses deliver the best care possible to their patients and help minimize complications and increase patient satisfaction. Some of the issues that happened with Mr. J’s case could have led to more serious complications. Restraining Mr.

J when it was not necessary increased his chance of developing a pressure ulcer and could also have led to further serious complications such as developing post surgical complications such a deep vein thrombosis which would increase his stay in the hospital. Another example that could have been avoided was making sure that Mr. J was receiving the correct food for his diet. The healthcare team did not address Mr. J’s incorrect dietary meal in a timely manner which could have led to a more serious event. Not addressing patient needs will decrease patient satisfaction, which is one of the nursing-sensitive indicators.

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