American novelists Essay Topics

Novelist Charles Dickens

What impression does Dickens give of Miss Havisham and Estella in Chapter 8 of “Great Expectation” and how does he achieve this? The story is set in the Victorian times. It is written by a novelist called Charles Dickens. It is about an orphan called “Pip”, who is reminiscing on his past. The novel is… View Article

Hartley’s novel

Although appearing to have a cynical view of love in the poem Larkin does in fact not doubt love, but the expectations that we have of it. In the words of Andrew Swarbrick, Larkin expresses not feelings of bitterness or pessimism but “of pathos, of a tender sympathy for the widow who recalls dreams knowing… View Article

Joyce’s novel

The novels Mrs. Dalloway and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, written by Virginia Woolf and James Joyce respectively, are tales of persons who are challenged by the society in which they live. The roles traditionally handed down to men and women become elements of restraint for many of the characters within… View Article