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American Life in 1920s and 1930s Essay

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The NAACP was focusing on legislative strategies produced to encounter the demanding civil and legal liberties issues of the era. They signaled for federal anti-execution laws and organized a series of protests to state-funded isolation in public educational institutions. NAACP leaders pursued, one, to ensure that all whites acknowledge the demand for racial impartiality by publicizing it and via their magazine catastrophe. On the other hand, the communist party was substantial in the struggle for racial impartiality in the south of United States of America.

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The communist party also fought for the civil and legal rights via public clamor.

Discuss the racial implications of change during the 1930s in American popular culture -including music, movies, literature, etc. The cultural products that most captivated fashionable audiences during the era of the Great Depression that occurred around the 1930s. The audiences were those that switched their attention from the anguish of the time especially popular literature, radio, and movies. The accessibility to radio programs changed a lot of American families and surroundings especially the families from the black community, as they begun to form their lives around radio programming. People together with their families assembled together to listen to popular programs. Also, friends assembled on the foot porches, backyards, and along the streets to listen to the shows. But, some social and political programs were transmitted. The most fashionable broadcasts offered the racial implicated-era community with dramatic and commonly jovial stories of escape and adventure. Still, there were fashionable soap operas, music concerts, The Academy Awards, sporting events, and current events. Because a lot of the shows were transmitted in front of live viewers, individuals filled the studio to watch these amazing performances.

Movies, by the mid-1930s, African American gathered around theaters to see many entertainment opportunities that offered an escape from the actual phenomenon of the Depression. A lot of Hollywood-produced movies avoided wrangles during this era. They produced musical, “screwball”, comics, novel adaptations, fictional movies. Popular Culture, while the wrangles were massively missing from movie and radio productions, the controversial political and social voices of the Depression were usually found in the fashionable culture that emerged from the 1930s. A few authors examined the hardships of poverty that affected the African American who worked on the farms and the Dust Bowl migrants; they also exposed the evils of poverty throughout the country, condemned the excessiveness of capitalism, and disclosed the many pathways for civil injustice. Two of the most fashionable novels of the time, but, were romantic stories fixed different historical events, Anthony Adverse and Gone with the Wind.

The American audiences were attracted by the most popular culture from the Great Depression era that was designed by the public’s motive to departure from the psychological, economic, and social hardships that were connected to racial differences during the 1930s.

Questions 1 and 5 at the end of chapter 19

What accounts for the movement of many African American from king\’s “beloved community” ideal to “black power” slogan popularized by Stokely Carmichael and H.Rap Brown? The movement of a lot of African American from king’s “beloved community” ideal to “black power” slogan popularized by Stokely Carmichael and H.Rap Brown was proposed by the way in which the African American were handled by their white counterparts. He states that everyone has to be appreciative of his race. He argues that “You have got to be noble of being black. You cannot go around referring yourself colored and call yourself Negroes. That is the word the honkies gave it you. You are black, brother, and you should feel proud of your complexion, and it is very beautiful.” It was proposed by the election of a new chairperson for student’s peaceful manager. He was an old-time leader and guided the challenge campaign that propelled massive promotion from the black community. He was known for being a promoter of armed self-defense. He proposed the theme of racial nobleness and militancy that was similar to his forbearer. It was the narrative of the movement.

To what extent was Jesse Jackson’s emergence as a nationally prominent political figure a reflection of broader trends in African American politics? It demonstrated that African American are achieving political power and displays the success of black people in getting their civil and legal rights. Therefore, it is not only to participate in elections but also to be involved in the process of governance.

Questions 2 and 3 at the end of chapter 20

How did the transition from the activism of the 1960s to the conservatism of the Reagan Bush era to African American politicians
During the two terms of office of Reagan Bush, solidified, grasped, and decided to personify the American shift to the political right wing. His substantial legacy as a leader of was that swing in the American political spectrum. The move created a “liberal” a form of democracy. What had been conservative transformed to being moderate such as the participation of African Americans in active politics and what was moderate was later promoted for the left wing. The drift was as profound and pronounced that African American vehemently embraced Bill Clinton regardless of his support programs, welfare policies, and criminal justice, in particular, that might have been referred to as reactionary and racist under the rule of Reagan Bush.

Compare and contrast tactics used in the Free South Africa movement with the African

American Freedom struggle

In both movements, the individuals faced racial inequality. Blacks were recognized as disadvantaged while the white was considered as the advantaged. During the legal and civil liberties movements, Blacks were had limited liberties such as drinking water fountains as whites or found around public places conversing with the whites. They could also not attend the same school. In Comparison to the Anti-Apartheid social movements in South Africa, intermarriages between the white and Africans were prohibited and they were special schools for the whites. In both occasions, both freedom fighters were brutally assaulted, imprisoned, and some died as a result of being tortured. The two social movements had the same ideology of pursuing equal rights and justice for all despite their racial differences. They also shared the same tactics. The two social institutions advocated peaceful demonstrations, utilizing similar methods such as boycotts, media campaigns, and protests. Such approaches were managed within and by similar organizations such as the labor unions, universities, and churches. The civil liberties and the anti-Apartheid Movements had the same leadership style which had logical motives along with experienced protest organizers and corporate competence.

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