American life Essay

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American life

Who says grabbers are only for narratives? Some of the best expository pieces start out with sentences that capture the readers’ attention. The authors from different literary genres give their own attention grabbers to make their pieces more attractive and more suspense from the beginning up to the end. According to Ruhanie Perera (2007), “Each creator brings with them their values and beliefs shaped by their education and exposure to English Literature, but their search is the same – for the creative, the bold, the sharp and the fresh.

” However, expository grabbers are not created only for narratives but for all kinds of situations like in the field of soccer. Deep down in the ocean lurks a dangerous killing machine. This is one of the examples that we hear in soccer. It is a form of attention grabber to make the players become aware of their actions. From this aspect, it only means that any attention grabber must be new from the ears, minds, and eyes of the audience. Many of us like soccer. We watch different plays and games on television about soccer.

This is somehow part of American life. Because of this, we hear different attention grabbers from the announcers, coaches, and players. When these people say their expository grabber, the crowd yells and feels that there is hope for success. Like narratives, attentions grabbers could be heard in the beginning of the event. Expository grabbers make each situation noble and powerful. In soccer, attention grabber means a lot of things – it becomes the life and endurance of the team to work hard and win the game.

That is why even in this field, expository grabber is very important. In conclusion to this, it can be said that expository grabbers lift the minds and hearts of the audience or readers. It gives power and indirect control to the spectators. The people may not realize this but they were influenced in freedom and captivation.


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