American history Essay Topics

American history

In the course of American history, the American people have been confronted with different threats to its politics, economy and way of life. At present, the continuing threat of international terrorism and the unceasing wave of Anti-Americanism are constantly putting the lives of simple Americans towards fear and uncertainty, notwithstanding all the different social issues… View Article

The Battle at Wounded Knee

The Massacre at Wounded Knee was a terrible battle in American History. This massacre was between the Native Americans and the US government. Back then; the US government hated Native Americans. They would treat Native Americans horribly by killing them, stealing their land and much more. One early and freezing morning on December 29th, 1890,… View Article

Harriet Jacobs, Slavery, The South, and the Civil War

Harriet Jacobs remains one of the most important anti-slavery figures in American history. As a former slave turned author, Jacobs was very influential in shaping public opinion towards an anti-slavery sentiment. Jacobs was born into slavery in 1813. She would eventually escape into freedom in 1835. Her escape route would eventually lead her to Philadelphia… View Article

Benjamin Franklin

Can a man be as vast as a nation? Did the life-experiences and cultural contributions of a single individual play as pivotal a role in the establishment of American democracy and American culture as any written declaration, constitution, or law? Without a doubt, there are historians who stand at the ready to assert that Benjamin… View Article