American football – more than a game Essay

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American football – more than a game

We cannot deny the fact that football is one of the most popular sports in the world. We all have that one outdoor or sports activity that we love weather it’s cheering on or participating in, mine is football. Since I was little, I’ve loved playing and watching football. I prefer football over other sports because it’s very physical and has many benefits. The game of football has helped me with my physical appearance, staying out of trouble and positive values. One benefit from playing football is the physical appearance.

In order to be able to compete with athletes across the nation you have to be in the best shape. Some of the important physical skills that you will develop and acquire from playing this game regularly are speed, balance, strength, agility, stamina, quickness, and endurance. From sprints to the weight lifting, strength and conditioning coaches push us for maximum performance on the field and for our safety. We spend countless hours on the field and in the weight room working on our speed and strength.

All the training gets us big and healthy so when we get on the field we are prepared for an all out battle. Physical appearance is only one of the many benefits you get from playing football; it also keeps you out of trouble. Another benefit from playing football is that it keeps you out of trouble. Sports can save you from a life of crime or a life on the streets. Just by being part of something that’s bigger than you can help you change your life around for the better. Growing up in Pittsburg I could have easily made a bad decision or taken the wrong path in life.

Playing football consumes most of my time and gives me the motivation to want to better myself in life. My coaches have always pushed us hard and preached to us about school being our number one priority. On a typical day we would have school, practice, tutoring and come home around eight or nine everyday which left no time for us to get into any trouble. But still probably the most important benefit from playing football is the positive values. One of the most important benefits one can get from playing football is the positive values.

Football taught me many life lessons and positive values that can be of great use for life in general. One of these is communication. Because football is a team sport, it requires proper communication among your teammates. Sportsmanship is a value that was constantly thrown at us. When we lost games my coaches would always tell us to keep our heads up and to respect the team we played. We had to take responsibility for our loss and work at our mistakes in practice, as they always said “practice makes perfect”.

We all have something an outdoor or sporting activity we love involving ourselves in, in my case it was football. For some people, football is just a dangerous and rough contact sport. But those who know the real value of this sport look at it in a differently. In my experience football has helped with my physical appearance, kept me out of trouble and taught me many positive values. Some people like baseball, some people like hiking or running, I love football because it’s more than just a game, its life.

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