American football and sound Intellectual thinking Essay

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American football and sound Intellectual thinking

I’ve always been told i was too small, I’m not big enough, not fast enough and that i don’t have what it takes. But to stay there for four years straight was necessary, blood was necessary and the occasional tear as necessary/ But on the field i prepare so no one can make up my mind but myself. And once my mind is made up NOBODY can stop me. You can try any move you want and even try to out run me but i can promise you one thing, that as long as I’m on the field your only destination is the turf. Football is not something you take lightly its a Mans Game. The only thing that will get you hurt is playing stupid and being soft.

Benefits of playing football:
– It is one of the most popular and widespread games in the world – It is provin by sports specialists that football players are the ones with the strongest extremities and very sound intellectual thinking, to be successful on the field but also in life. You have to have discipline , passion and commitment with everything you do , and football will hep you with that. Concentration is also another thing mastered when you play football. Its also the top most vital element that we need in life.

For Example:
– When we are preparing for a test
– When we are out on the field

Football will not only help with competitive and efficiency as a player also teach you the right and appropriate attitude to have. Communication is a major benefit when playing football:
No communication= Fail !
So if you don’t communicate you will fail and if you fail that means your not
hungry for greatness … and if your not hungry for greatness it means your ok with being mediocre. And if that was the case for me.. i wouldn’t be standing here with these trophies. This is what success looks like.

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