American Football and positive tatitude Essay

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American Football and positive tatitude

Am I Committed? I have a passion for the sport by giving my all every play and by showing up to every practice. I drive for excellence and to help our team every way possible. I have a positive attitude cause without one I wont make a better football player. I also don’t have any excuses because I show up to every practice and play no matter what. Am I Disciplined? I am a self starter because before practice I play catch with my quarterback to get better at catching the ball. I set goals for myself to make myself better. For example my goals this year were to play varsity and by the looks of it I am going to play.

I have a positive attitude by encouraging everyone to do better and to make myself a better person. I am relentless because I give my all from the snap of the ball to the whistle on every play. I am detail oriented because I follow instructions and get it right on the first try. Am I Coachable? I listen to whatever coach is talking to me and I am looking at them when they are talking. I absorb what I am taught and use what I am taught against the other team. I react to all plays by doing the steps taught to me. I lead my teammates by telling them what they do wrong and by encouraging them.

I am motivated to do my best and hit kids like I’m twice the size I really am. Am I Balanced? I study my plays and routes to make me the best receiver I can be. We have a tiny bit of diversity but not much and its good so we aren’t considered racist. I am inner calm because I just need to have confidence that I know what im doing. I have humor because if you take it way to serious it isn’t fun after a while. I have patience so I can let the plays develop. Am I Mentally Tough? I have confidence while I play even in practice because I hate to mess up.

I focus while running my patterns and blocking. I keep my composure cause as soon as you let the other team get to your head your done. I always relax so I don’t stress out and I have courage to be better then my opponent. Am I Respected? I am always working hard and making big plays. I am always encouraging people and never putting them down. If anyone is ever being negative I always tell them to knock it off. Am I A Leader? I am honest to where if I don’t know what I’m doing I ask for help instead of lying. I take risks by putting my body on the line to make a tackle.

I inspire the freshman to work hard and give there all. I listen to whatever a coach has to tell me. I am not a forward looker I take one day at time. Am I A Team Player? I was always a selfless kid. I was all about helping out my family and friends, and always will be. Whenever somebody needs a favor, I will do it for them. I am tenacious, I always try to help people, and make sure that we are always together as a team. I try and be as encouraging as possible, to help the younger kids get better, and understand what they need to do. I need to work on taking ownership.

I am a wide receiver and to be a good wide receiver I need to take ownership in my job, and to do that I am going to focus more on what I am supposed to do to make sure that I become a better player, and person. Am I Ready To Succeed? I always set goals for myself everyday no matter what I am doing. I am a responsible kid, I stay out of trouble, and do my best to keep my teamates out of trouble. I am always open minded, and I am always confident in myself. I know that I can be a good football player and all I need to do is focus, and learn.

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