American Dream Short Essay Essay

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American Dream Short Essay

Since the United States of America was born the “American Dream” has been alive. When it was first established the “American Dream” was defined as the ability of having freedom, democracy, and financial stability. Today it appears that the “American Dream” has faded there is poverty, crime, government taking full control, and the social classes have a larger margin than ever. According to the article “More people express uncertainty in chance to achieve the American Dream” the Washington Post-Miller Center Poll found that “almost two-thirds of people express concerns about covering their families basic living expenses, compared with less than half the public four decades ago.”

The thought of working hard, studying, and being able to retire use to be easy but now this has become a hardship. As values have changed and the pace of society has increased Americans want everything right here and right now but don not want to put the effort forward, those that still have the working mentality are those who achieve the true “American Dream.” People are becoming less motivated and more lazy. We try to finding an easy solution to all of our lives complicated problems, we no longer want to go to school, for it has become a “nuisance” and children are following in the footsteps of those that are not wise.

Reading this article really opened our eyes. It’s not that the American Dream is unachievable, Americans just don’t want to work for it. We have become lazy and feel like everything should be handed to us, instead of believing that we should work for our accolades and make our opportunities.

Morello, Carol, Peyton M. Craighill, and Scott Clement. “More People Express Uncertainty in Chance to Achieve the American Dream.” Washington Post. The Washington Post, 28 Sept. 2013. Web. 14 Oct. 2013.

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