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American Dream Essay

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Many people in the world have an idea about the American Dream. Some people’s American Dream is to help people who are in need to be successful in life while others may dream of making a lot of money. The key to the American Dream for most people is attaining that dream job. However, it can’t be just any job; it usually includes having a job where one feels successful and comes with minimal stress. It gives people determination to be their best.

In order to figure out what job I might best be suited for, I took the Gregorc Learning Style Inventory test, and it showed that I am a concrete random learner. Therefore, I enjoy establishing relationships with others, seeing possibilities, gaining ideas, and being competitive. Hence, my dream job would be to become a physical education (PE) teacher. Most people think they know what being a PE teacher is all about, but some may find that the job is more involved than they realized.

First of all, according to Career Cruising, a vocational website, “Physical education teachers educate their students about good sportsmanship, teamwork, personal fitness, and how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle” (“Physical Education Teacher”). Being a PE teacher requires knowing about students and their abilities. “A physical education teacher teaches students how to keep their bodies fit through good health practices and exercise” (“Becoming a Physical Education Teacher”). 

They organize games and challenges that promote physical activity for children and young adults from kindergarten to high school. Secondly, there are many responsibilities that PE teachers have. PE teachers need to be able to adjust their curricula and to adapt to children with disabilities or different physical abilities (Bold). For example, if the weather outside was effecting the activity played, the PE teacher would need to be able to change the plans by planning something inside. Another responsibility that a PE teacher has is having strong listening and speaking skills. Besides being knowledgeable about an activity, they need to be able to communicate and demonstrate the activity properly to the class. Therefore, I will be able to observe students and maintain discipline within the class. PE teachers also interact with parents, other teachers and the school’s administration, but it takes knowledge and education to get there.

Finally, people that want to become teachers can’t just graduate high school and try to become one; work experience and knowledge about activities are essential keys to being a successful PE teacher. For instance, I have played volleyball for seven years, so I have learned a lot about how to coordinate conditioning activities, drills, games. That has provided a good foundation for me to become a PE teacher. Because of that, I would also love to coach a volleyball team while being a PE teacher. Even volunteering at the Boys/Girls Club or the YMCA would help me before I become a PE teacher because I would be able to interact with kids and learn how they interact with each other. I know that before becoming a PE teacher, I need to truly enjoy being around people and kids which is something that I know I already have.

It’s not going to be “easy as pie” to become a PE teacher. First of all, Going to college to study certain majors is a big part in becoming a PE teacher. I will complete a degree in health and physical education at a four- year college or university. Classes that I might have to take in order to become a PE teacher are Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, and a Health and Wellness class (“Skills Required for Become a PE Teacher”). Going to college and learning about physical health will let me have a better understanding of what I am going to teach about. Going to college will cost about seventy thousand dollars but, I am going to college on a volleyball scholarship which will lower the costs. Education is the key role in becoming a PE teacher.

There are many personal qualifications into becoming a teacher. A skill that I will need to have in order to become a PE teacher would be to have a general understanding of the purpose and value of physical fitness and how individuals can perform their exercises at their best. PE teachers value physical fitness and want their students to perform at their best therefor being able to communicate with students will help me understand what their bodies are capable of. Personality is a big role in being any type of teacher. Having a positive attitude throughout the day will help me motivate my students to do better, which is a big key in becoming a PE teacher. “On a daily basis, physical education teachers face unmotivated students and students who are living unhealthy lifestyles” (“Working with Students”). It is my goal to motivate students and to have fun.

To me, having a relationship with my students and having fun with them is a lot more important than how much I would get paid as a teacher. One stereotype that people have about teachers centers around how much teachers get paid. Some say it is too little while others say it is too much: “The national median salary of all middle and high school teachers is around $52,000 dollars a year” (“Physical Education Teacher”). It may not seem like a lot but, it’s all that I need. I would also love to coach a school volleyball team and coaching a team would could help me make an additional $2,000 a year (Dodrill). Overall, the American Dream involves having a job that one loves. Even thinking about being a PE teacher and even a coach makes me smile. The American Dream involves with making one happy. I would love to help students learn about their health and teach them new sports! Having obstacles everyday will only make me a better teacher! I will have to work hard in college to get this job, but working hard is something that I am up for. Having a relationship with my students and learning what I can do to become a better teacher is something that I can’t wait to wake up every morning to do. Having a dream job and getting to interact with students would be perfect. Getting to coach a volleyball team and have relationships with my students would make my dream job even better! Having fun at a job and doing what you love is all that matters to me! Being a physical education teacher and a volleyball coach for the school would be my American Dream job.

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