American dental association Essay

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American dental association

Earth has many minerals and salts whose worth has been realized and man has been desperately trying to use them for their benefits. Once such mineral being used by man is “fluoride”, which is found in earth’s crust and is widely scattered in the natural world. Fluoride has a natural character to harden enamel on teeth. It also works on the demineralization and re-mineralization process that takes place because of the saliva in the mouth.

Once food is consumed saliva abodes acids that sometimes dissolve calcium and phosphorus under the tooth or it sometimes restocks calcium and phosphorus. Fluoride makes the calcium and phosphorus replenishing stronger and helps prevent from tooth decay (Mary L. Gavin, 2008). In a study conducted in 1930, it was concluded that people who had been bought in areas with fluoridated water showed two-thirds fewer cavities than people bought up in non fluoridated water.

Organizations like WHO, American dental association and American health association have all endorsed the concept of adding fluoride to water as they have enough study to prove that it is beneficial and has a large effect on preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is put in the water in the form of hydrofluorosilicic acid. In different natural water bodies, the fluoride level differs and generally is lesser than the level .

7 to 1. 2 ppm, the amount required for preventing tooth decay. For instance in San Antonio’s water, fluoride is present at 0. 3 parts per million. Here it’s artificially added and the level is bought up to 0. 8 ppm which is a decent level for preventing tooth decay. When anything is done in excess it becomes a negative thing rather than staying positive. Too much of fluoride can cause enamel fluorosis and kids below 8 years of age should have monitored fluoride intake as sometimes it can cause ingestions. There are certain risks at the water processing plants too and there are unfortunate cases that have happened because of over fluoride release in the water system.

Even knowing all the positives, I still would not go for fluoridated water as it somehow trespasses my right since it breaks the right of mass medication when alternatives are available. If a choice has to be made to have fluoride intake, then it is better to consult with the dentists and alternatives in the form of tablets can also be consumed according to individual dental requirement.

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