American Cabinet Positions Essay

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American Cabinet Positions

The United States President’s official family, consisting of several cabinet secretaries, has been on continued attack for its apparent wealthy composition. This is because majority of the appointed cabinet secretaries came from the corporate world. As a result, their obligation to society and the Americans was compromised due to a conflict of interest between the capitalist government and social concerns. Since the effectivity and performance quality of these cabinet secretaries are being questioned, their respective departments are likewise alleged as useless.

Consequently, there is now a significant need to trim down the cabinet positions with regards to their bloated size and scope. In addressing the expansiveness of the government, its expensive expenditures will be also reduced which, in the process, would benefit the majority rather than a few affluent individuals. The U. S. Congress has originally formed a limited government with a Constitutional cabinet which has humble and specified functions. However, today’s government is a bunch of departments which are obviously operated by financial oligarchs instead of public servants.

Hence, the need to eliminate some cabinet positions has emerged. Mere reshuffling of positions would not address the concerns; it is essential to remove excess departments as well as agencies which, in turn, will also reduce government spending. In doing so, new departments or positions can be created that can provide more the needs of the people. The first department that needs to be eliminated is the one that was last created—the Veterans Affairs. The existence of U. S.

veterans results in continued operation of Veterans Affairs hospitals that unfortunately offer substandard medical care at higher cost. This is the reason why there is no longer a need to keep the Veterans Affairs Department that only maintains separate medical facilities while the veterans-patients can avail of medical care offered by private hospitals. The Department of Energy also needs to be dismantled because it is just a duplicate office of the Department of Defense, particularly in the former’s ability to produce nuclear weapons which were needed after the Cold War.

If only for the Department of Education’s function of subsidizing higher education, it should also be eliminated. This is because the assistance turns out to benefit only a few students who will eventually be secured once they are able to work after college. The Department of Labor is also amiss with its job training, making the function better managed by private industries. Moreover, the Department of Agriculture serves no beneficial purpose because it does not serve any national interest but only benefits individual businesses.

With no housing construction due to market crisis, the Department of Housing and Urban Development also needs to be scrapped. The Department of Transportation’s budget is just being spent for funding local projects instead of national ones. Thus, it can also be removed. Likewise, the Departments of Health and Human Services and Department of Interior should also be eliminated because they do not advance national interests and turn out to be more of a liability than an asset.

When the departments mentioned earlier are eliminated and the government is limited only to its original Constitutional cabinet composed of the Departments of Treasury, State, Justice, and Defense, then there is a need for the creation of a new cabinet position which will evaluate the performance of all the departments and functions as a check and balance body. It is in this manner that the intriguing issue of a government, being run by financial or enterprising corporate people instead of true-blooded public servants, will be stopped. In turn, the Americans can render again their trust to the people who manage the country.

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