American Born Chinese Essay

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American Born Chinese

1.Yang uses humor to illustrate difficult or painful situations in the novel. Why does he do this? Explain how Yang uses humor to impart a message to readers. Provide at least three specific examples from the novel in your essay.

American Born Chinese written by Gene Luen Yang. In the beginning there are three story that are very different from the others story in the book. In the beginning this story talks about this monkey king and how he cannot go the party because he is a monkey. The next story is about Jin Wang going to school and he just moved from San Francisco but everyone thought he was from China because he is Chinese. Later on this new student, Wei-Chen Sun came to the same school and Jin Wang and Wei-Chen Sun became best friend. The last story is about this boy, Danny, studying with this girl and his mom told him that his cousin Chin-Kee is coming to visit. Yang uses humor to illustrate difficult and painful situations in the novel because he want to tell people that it can be funny to tease people but it can also hurt other people feelings.

People judge others by their culture, looks, and how they act and talk like. They Chinese humor is the most popular joke to talk about because Asian people mostly look different from other people. Yang uses humor to impart a message to readers because he knows that a lot of people are being bullied and teased because they are Asians. He wants to tell them how people are felling when they are being teased and bullied. An example from the book is on page 30-33. Jin Wang just moved from San Francisco and is going to this new school. The teacher introduces him to the class and said his name wrong and thought he was from China.

You should never say people name wrong because their name is in a different language, and just because he is Chinese that does not means that he is from China. This one boy in the class also told the class that his mom says that Chinese people eat dog and thinks that everyone eat dog in China, but he was not from china. Later at recess when Jin was eating his snack and these groups of boys went up to him and ask him what is he eating and told him to stay away from his dog. Another example is on page 43- 52.

This story is about this boy name Danny and his mom told him that his cousin Chin-Kee is coming to visit them in America. When Chin-Kee walk in he said “Harro Amellica”, it means Hello America but they put it in that type of writing because they think that Asian people that just came talk like that and they can not pronounce and talk in English that well. Last example is on page 185-187. This girl is crying because she went to her old friend party and her friend does not want to hang out with her anymore because she was Asian, and her boyfriend also called her a chink.

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