American and Canadian Approach on Freedom of Speech

Having established hate speech being protected, it is now important to speak on free speech. The ability for people to speak freely and express one’s opinion is necessary to society. As stated in the constitution every citizen has the opportunity to express disapproval with the federal government supporting into their bizarre ideas that can be offensive to people. When a society is given free speech to all, there is a more exchange of ideas. It’s become impossible for the people who are in power to subdue the truth that they may not want to let out in the open.

This allows progress to occur because people can learn from experience and others point of view without worrying about the government or corporate based groups watching your every move.

It is clear that free speech allows you to express how you feel on any given situation. Specifically, when people want to protest in front of the courthouse because they believe justice wasn’t served is protected by the first amendment.

In addition, people protesting for what they believe, no matter how offensive it is, since they are causing no physical harm to anyone it is protected.

In this case, when community speak their political views out loud, they risk being arrested or deported. More Americans need to recognize that freedom was a big part of what makes the US differently from other countries. As case’s go in and out of court The Supreme Court confirmed the right to free speech even if most people considered that speech to be offensive.

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The KKK was allowed to express its racist views, American Nazis won the right to march through Jewish neighborhoods, and the American flags can be burned as an act of political protest. Case after case, the Supreme Court defended the freedom of all Americans to speak their minds even if their views are controversial. Seems of the courts or more willing to give freedom the benefit and tree or First Amendment guarantees literally.

So, the social need to censored insulting words or behavior seems to be the way of freedom of speech in Canada. rather than, allowing the people to express one’s opinion and free speech is America’s way to freedom. it’s understandable that countries have different culture and perspectives on what free will the people should have. the reason why countries have such different laws is because of the freedom they have to create rules and regulations in their countries.

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