America Today is More Unhappy Essay

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America Today is More Unhappy

America today is more disillusioned than back in the 1920’s. I believe that America today is more unhappy because of divorce rates, technology, and people being materialistic. Today in America everyone gets divorced now. I also believe that technology today drives people to become more distant from their family and friends. People being materialistic today in America has caused relationship problems. That is why I believe that America today is more disillusioned and unhappy than America in the 1920’s.

People being materialistic causes America today to be so unhappy and disillusioned because the majority of people have to keep up with what’s new and always try to get the latest trends. Being materialistic has caused Americans to become greedy and also causes to ruin a lot of relationships. People tend to be so materialistic because they want to impress other people. Wanting to look rich is something that almost every American desires in the world today. Back in the 1920’s, yes some people were materialistic but it wasn’t as bad as it is today. Being materialistic also can ruin relationships. “Materialism is actually correlated with unhappiness in marriages.”, stated the author in an article.

People today think it’s no big deal to get a divorce, in fact it happens quite often now. This is why America today is more unhappy/disillusioned. In the 1920’s it was very uncommon and considered to be very weird and different if you heard that someone was getting a divorce. But today getting a divorce is not a big deal. If talks about getting a divorce no one acts as surprised or shocked because it’s very common. In an article the author says, “Couples marrying for the first time have approximately a fifty percent chance of divorcing.” Couples today just throw marriages away like it’s nothing. They basically just get married for the fun of it. People just “fall out of love” as stated in an article. They don’t have the time to communicate with their loved ones because they are too distracted with their jobs, technology, etc. Today America has the highest divorce rate of all times.

Technology is also another big reason why America today is more unhappy. All the time you see people’s eyes glued onto their phones and drowning the whole world out. People get so distracted from technology and they don’t really care about what’s going on around them, people tend to grow distant from people. When you go somewhere just look around, everybody has their phone or some other device in their hands, and if it’s not in their hands it’s near them. Americans are so attached to technology that it literally drives us away from families/friends. In the 1920’s this wasn’t a problem at all. They didn’t have the high technology that we have today but they still had phones and it didn’t cause them to grow distant from people. They would still go out and have a good time. But today, if you can’t have your cell phone with you, it’s like the end of the world. in the article “Smartphone Dependency: A Growing Obsession With Gadgets”, the writer says, “For others, being away from their phone will almost certainly cause separation anxiety.” This truly shows how attached americans are to their phones.

Some people might say that America in the 1920’s was more unhappy/disillusioned because of the unemployment rate. In the 1920’a the Great Depression “caused 13 to 15 million American’s to be unemployed.”, stated in an article. That is a lot but, also today there are plenty of people who are unemployed. It’s a big deal in America today than it was back in the 1920’s because today everything is so much more expensive and you need to have money for every little thing you do. We rely on money so much today. In the 1920’s you didn’t have to rely on money for every little thing you did. Some people might Also say that crime rates in the 1920’s lead to disillusionment.

I have to disagree because today we have a huge percent of crimes that happen. In the 1920’s there were a lot of mobs and gangs. You don’t hear of there being mobs and gangs today as much but there is people who just go and kill people randomly today. More people go and just randomly kill people than they did in the 1920’s. In an article I read the writer said that “…there were more gangs in the 1920’s but today there is more people who go on random killing sprees and kill hundreds of people.” I believe that the 1920’s did have high crime rates, but today in America the rates are even higher.

I truly believe that America today is way more disillusioned and unhappy than America in the 1920’s. People are so much more unhappy because of the use of technology. People have grown so attached to their phones that they will text you when you are sitting right across from them. Being materialistic has caused America to also become more disillusioned. Back in the 1920’s people didn’t have to have the best of everything like americans do today. Also America today is more unhappy because of the divorce rates. This has caused America to become unhappy because so many people get divorced today. I believe that the people in the 1920’s were not as unhappy as people are today.

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