America Essay Topics

Yuh Ji-Yeon

Looking at America from a broader multicultural perspective is more realistic. Truly, America is a melting pot of a lot of different cultures. America does not belong only to the fair-skinned caucasians. Reality is that yellow, brown, red, and black Americans live on the same plains as the whites. Yuh Ji-Yeon puts it this way,… View Article

Symbolized and What it Meant to America

Though the negative preconception of the general American public was the widely carried message of newspapers before and during the early days of the said event, this is not what was covered by Colliers article since it was released during the last day of the event already. Therefore, what the article presented as the sentiment… View Article

Why America should choose to drill for oil in Alaska

Drilling for oil in Alaska has been one of the most controversial topics in the United Stated for many years. Many U. S geologists have confirmed that billions of barrels of oil lie beneath the Alaskan coastal plain. In the east of Alaska lies The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge considered to be the largest oil… View Article

America and Vietnam

Olsen and Roberts are both history professors who are fascinated with the ways by which the American government made the situation of the war with Vietnam a fearful yet victorious even for the reputation of the said country. The authors were then able to contribute their thoughts about the situation thus seeing the situation of… View Article

Interest groups

More than any other group special interest groups hold an enormous amount of sway in the American political system. What is interesting here is the fact that most of the public looks upon special interest groups with disdain. There are a number of reasons for this but before the reasons can be defined special interests… View Article

The social division in America

There are different sectors in the society when social injustices against the African-American race are committed within the American society. This is clearly demonstrated within the governmental policies that are made within the American society that are mostly favorable of the White Americans alone. There are different situations when the injustice against the African-American race… View Article

Race and notions of intellectual inferiority in America

Introduction In public schools, it could not be denied that the administrations prioritize the needs of the White American students. Aside from the reason that the place of the institution is the so-called White’s territory, the administration, being diverse consider the White American students to be more superior among the other students. In this regard,… View Article

Homelessness: A Major Issue in America

Introduction Thesis Statement Achieving an exit from homelessness and the actual situation of America’s high rate of homelessness are still major social issues in United States. In this paper, the subject of discussions examines the social structure behind homelessness and the cause of the citizens’ downfall into homelessness. By examining the economic and social climate… View Article

Instructions for gerontology essay

Questioned to be answered: 1. What a student would have learned about the history of aging in America during a college gerontology class. (Include about Baby Boomers too) Baby boomers” is the term coined to describe people born between the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the 1960’s. During that period,… View Article

Divisions in America: Evaluation and Implications

Brooks (2001) described state voting patterns in the presidential election of 2000 (similar in 2004), where news-coverage maps of the United States showed in “red” the states captured by Republican George Bush, largely vast areas between the two coasts, and showed in “blue” the largely coastal states captured by Democrat Al Gore. He proposed the… View Article

Racial discrimination

The persona presented in the poem is a positive minded individual who does not delve deep into the extra social and or political implication of racial discrimination and does not venture into the intricate philosophical and imaginative domains. He is not a political activist but he is a dreamer who has little dreams to be… View Article

Importance of Voting in America

Democracy is defined as the form of government wherein the power is derived from the people. The people exercises their power through suffrage, as they have the right to elect the officials they feel would best serve their country. The United States is the most recognized democratic country in the world. Unfortunately, the culture of… View Article

Isolationism in Europe

Isolationism is a system whereby a country withdraws from participating in international affairs. Europe adopted isolationism to protect its economy from foreign countries. Isolationism is associated with America’s refusal societies believed they were different than European societies in the sense that they could achieve democracy and freedom without using violence. Isolationism in European began back… View Article

Is it Harder to Grow Up Male or Female in America?

For the longest time, the issue on gender inequality have remained in our culture, despite the successes of women on gaining the right to vote, being able to earn good paying jobs, finish degrees, become politicians and social reformers, the great divide between the sexes is still felt. Being female and growing up in America… View Article

Irish immigrants

When the Irish began arriving in America in large numbers in the 1840s, they were generally destitute and unskilled, and for decades they occupied the lowest levels of American society, often trapped in menial jobs like domestic service or difficult, often dangerous jobs like railroad and canal construction.  According to historian Paul Boyer, “Irish immigrants… View Article

The Unity of Northern and Southern America

The attempt of the Southern States to secede from the American Federation in 1861, created a dangerous crisis in the history of America. The crisis turned into an internal war and, by the superior military power of the Center, they had to be kept within the Federation as integral part of the country which was,… View Article

Define and Perceive Deviance in America

A deviant behavior is one diverging sharply from a customary, traditional, or generally accepted standard, or displaying such divergent behavior. It is any nonstandard, aberrant, and irregular, out of the ordinary, unusual or unexpected act. Psychologists have identified deviance as an act of self-defense or a show of self-defeat. People, though have different reasons of… View Article

Hispanic students

Learning is one of the vital needs of a growing child. However, because of some social issues, the education outside the house is unfairly provided to students of an educational institute, which revolves in a culturally diverse community. As seen by many educational and child development experts, this is one of the main problems that… View Article

The Philadelphia Convention of 1787

Philadelphia was a place in America that recorded important events in the history of America.  The Philadelphia Convention is also known as Federal Convention, Constitutional Convention or the Grand Convention at Philadelphia.  This very remarkable event took place from May 25 to September 17, 1787. This Constitutional Convention was initiated to strengthen the political standing… View Article

The United States of America

A glimpse of the multiple experiences of the author truly negates the circumstance that the United States of America has undergone for the past years and at this moment in time. There were several occurrences that the citizens felt that there is a bit change the way the country’s system is running which positively affects… View Article

The Professional Golfer’s Association of America

Scotland is, in history, recorded as the birthplace of golf. The rules of the game were simple: get a club, swing it to a ball moving the ball from starting point to finish with the fewest strokes possible. In fact, the earliest reference to golf was in the mid-15th century, when King James II of… View Article

Indentured Servants and Illegal Aliens: One and the Same

Indentured servitude began as a practice in Colonial America when there was a shortage of farm laborers. In the beginning of British settlement, explorers came over in small groups and began establishing farms. Many people wanted to leave England because of political, social, and religious oppression. Unfortunately, many could not afford the fresh start they… View Article

Wake Up America!

Nowadays the issue of food is very important in American society as many people suffer from obesity, whereas others suffer from stomach pains and indigestion problems. Therefore, Americans should pay more attention to their everyday meals. As it is claimed, “the destiny of nations depends on the manner in which they are fed”. So, the… View Article

Enough to keep America flying?

Ever since the Wright brothers created the first piloted airplane flight at Kiity Hawk in 1903, the United States has led the way in producing airplanes for the global market (National Aeronautic and Space Administration, 2007). After the historic flight, small manufacturing facilities soon sprang up on both sides of the Atalantic (NASA, 2007). After… View Article

The United States of America

1. The United States of America is a powerful and influential country and it is able to affect other countries in various aspects. When it comes to the health of other nations, the US serves as an example that other countries tend to follow. Some countries pattern their health care services to that of the… View Article

European effect on American-Indian cultures and religion in the 17th century

The historical emergence of Europeans during the 17th century was synonymous to providing fundamental influence to the American- Indian and especially the New England. This was evidence of the religious rejuvenation that went across to these cultures as affected by the Europeans. Historically, the early European missionaries brought quite a broad diversity of activity in… View Article

Vietnamese Immigration to America

Vietnam is located in the Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia; 6 00 N, 106 00 E. Its Total Land Area is 329,560 sq km, with a land area of 325,360 sq km and water area of 4,200 sq km. It is… View Article

Views on America: Charles Dickens

America in the 1800s was often understood to be a land that had finally managed to free itself of the various wrongs of the old world and institute a new era in which men were born free and died free, where all disputes were settled equitably and fairly regardless of class or wealth and where… View Article

History in America

Domestic abuse has a long and harmful history in America. Generally it occurs when the man within the family seeks to maintain or create control over his wife or loved one through a variety of motives which in the end, are counterproductive and which usually further the distance between the victim and the perpetrator which… View Article

Urban Archaeology Site In North America

With the aim of dealing with the theoretical, methodological and realistic features of doing archaeology in the contemporary cities of the North America, a novel field of archaeology has come into view over the last 20 years called urban archaeology (Dickens, 1982). Whilst archaeologists have a long pact with the archaeology of cities particularly, the… View Article