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Urban Archaeology Site In North America

With the aim of dealing with the theoretical, methodological and realistic features of doing archaeology in the contemporary cities of the North America, a novel field of archaeology has come into view over the last 20 years called urban archaeology (Dickens, 1982). Whilst archaeologists have a long pact with the archaeology of cities particularly, the… View Article

Urban America

The United States began as a European colony, flocked by a variety of settlers and migrants that included the Spanish, French, Dutch, and British. Most early settlements were coastal, as no one had dared yet to venture into the untamed barrier that was the Appalachian Mountains. 1 There were thirteen original colonies, and all of… View Article

Poverty in America

Poverty in America seems to stare at us in every town and major city. Being a culture of materialism and economic success, you would imagine that we would have enough prosperity to see that everyone has a fair share of housing, healthcare and money to fulfill their basic needs. However, as collection plates and fundraisers… View Article

Upgrading Colleges of America

Americans have been raised on the American Dream. Just as they expect affordable health care for all, they would like all of their colleges to start behaving like Harvard University. According to one of the individuals featured on Declining by Degrees: Higher Education At Risk (2005), Lara Couturier, a consultant for higher education: “There’s been… View Article

Review of Tom Englehardt’s The End of Victory Culture

Like many young men of his generation Tom Englehardt is the son of a World War II veteran and was raised in the shadow of Allied victory over Japan and Germany. It was an era of clearly evil enemies and clearly honorable victors. America was a “winner”, but according to Englehardt “between 1945 and 1975… View Article

The United Way of America

The United Way of America is a charitable, nonprofit organization that works with over 1300 offices throughout the country, and a coalition of charitable organizations, including Planned Parenthood. Although some people disagree with the practices of Planned Parenthood, others feel it is a woman’s right. The United Way of America, and Planned Parenthood, have helped… View Article

Foundation Of America

Christians in the united states of America would fully back up this argument in any given circumstance and they are neither right or wrong this is because they have everyone is entitled to his opinion. There are those who are for the view that Americas foundation is based on secular ideals of enlightenment. Christianity is… View Article

U.S Involvement in Latin America

As the United States gets highly tied socially, physically and economically to its immediate neighbors in the South, the essence of U. S knowledge about Latin America and its people is on increase. Information of the Latin Americans gets to the public domain through drug raids, political coups and natural disaster perspectives (Cockcroft, 2008). In… View Article

Filipino Americans In America

Filipino Americans have retained their racial and cultural pride and outlook even as they are fast becoming assimilated and adopting American values and cultural norms in the United States as an adopted country. This is a preliminary paper which featured six respondents to a fundamentally open ended but structured questionnaire, intending to elicit their inner… View Article

North America

Canada is located in the northern side of North America and it borders Arctic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean. According to the CIA World Fact Book, Canada had an estimated population growth of approximately 33,212,696 as at July 2008. The highest population in terms of age structure was between 16-64 years with males recording a… View Article

The Elements of Religion in 19th Century in America

In the 19th century United States of America was experiencing new developments in religion. Different movements and sects emerged as a result of the inspirations by the new interpretation of the Bible, the expectation of the second coming of Christ and the teachings by the new thinkers and prophets The philosophical and scientific questions that… View Article

Enhancing Democracy in the United States of America

Democracy: “1 a: government by the people ; especially : rule of the majority b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections 2: a political unit that has a democratic government” (Merriam-Webster… View Article

Stephen Kinzer

Stephen Kinzer presents a thesis that is stark in both its simplicity and the breadth of its implications. In short, he argues that since the late nineteenth century when the American frontier disappeared from North America, the United States has pursued a policy of overthrowing foreign governments whenever it is expedient for American interests. Furthermore,… View Article

The United States of America

On 06 February 2007, by order of then-President George W. Bush, the Department of Defense established United States Africa Command.  The creation of Africa Command is due in large part to the increased significance of the African continent to the national security strategy of the United States of America.  Two important areas related to Africa’s… View Article

Keeping America rolling?

Recently, one of the biggest automakers in the United States, General Motors, sent representatives to Washington, D. C. to convince Capitol Hill and the White House of the importance of keeping the auto industry rolling to the tune of a $25 billion dollar bail out plan (Jonathan Cohn 1). But the Detroit flagship, along with… View Article

Smart growth

Smart growth involves demographic, market and development trends that are undertaken in US. It is important for the country to have a view of how it will deal with the old moulds that existed so that their can be new communities formed with low income and minority families included. In the smart growth there is… View Article

Response to Rereading America

The introduction to the text, Rereading America, challenges us to look beyond the common misconceptions of the “myth” the American dream and to think critically. As far as what I think it means to be an American citizen, there are many things to consider. I believe that to be an American can imply freedom, security,… View Article

Philosophers Helping America

The paper is about a particular philosopher whose ideas coincide with what is needed of the United States of America. Apparently, lack of common interest among the citizens is one of the problems experienced by the people. The ideas presented by Jean Jacques Rousseau particularly on the origin of inequality answers all the issues that… View Article

Affirmative Action in America

Throughout the years, much of the public’s confusion over affirmative action lies in the manners it is defined, because the manner at which the concept is described usually becomes the basis that shapes public attitude. Affirmative action in the United States basically refers to policies that take ethnicity, race, and gender into consideration in an… View Article

Evolution of Affirmative Action in America

Affirmative action in America refers to policies that take ethnicity, race, and gender into consideration in an effort to encourage equal opportunity. It started as a device to deal with the enduring discriminations among African-Americans in the 1960s. Focusing particularly on jobs and education, affirmative action policies mandated that active measures should be taken to… View Article

Indigenous People of the Americas and European Colonization of the Americas

The North American continent, in this case, the United States emerged with a cultural background of both Native American traditional tribal culture, and a more modernized European culture, that of the Spanish, English, and French. This culture merger was a result of a prolonged interaction between the Native American peoples and the colonial powers, and… View Article

Hiding from Reality

The American Dream for many it means the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity traditionally held by every American. A life of personal happiness in short terms. However this “American Dream “is different for everyone, and it is now being threaten by many factors such as the economy, which is a big part of it,… View Article

Essay After See Movie `Angels Of America

The distinction between International Accounting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IASs) is that the term ‘International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)’ has both a narrow and a broad meaning. Narrowly, IFRSs refers to the new numbered series of pronouncements that the IASB is issuing, as distinct from the International Accounting Standards (IASs) series issued by… View Article

Education Systems of France and America

There are present many differences in the way of life between France and the United States of America; from the social structure to the job market, from the political atmosphere to the legislative structure; from the language to fashion and so on. The focus of my research paper is a comparative study of the system… View Article

America Needs Its Nerds

In the passage from “America Needs Its Nerds”, author Leonid Fridman dissect his argument by comparing and contrasting America’s on-going social beliefs and perceptions of the geek and the actual positive role taken on by the nerd and why the role that they play is so vital to our society. Friedman begins with, bringing to… View Article

America in the 1920s

In 1919, soldiers from World War One returned back to America and were not used to society. Many Americans wished for normalcy and believed the United States should go back to the way it was before the war. President Warren Harding was most popular for his promised actions toward normalcy. After becoming President, Harding did… View Article

The Columbian Exchange

During the late 14th century, Europeans had occupied themselves in a severe and demanding exploration of the unknown world that surrounded them. They were very curious as to what they could find. One of the biggest findings European sailors eventually discovered was a connection of the Old World (Europe) and the New World (the Americas)…. View Article

Globalization and Religion in Latin America

Dr. Marian Cusimano Love’s argument on globalization is very clear and straight forward as she pointed out the other side of globalization, which according to her creates institutional crises “as existing states and regimes are having difficulties in coping with the challenges globalization brings” (p. 2). She contends that this difficulty creates and exacerbates institutional… View Article

Domestic Issues Faced By The United States Of America

Human Rights – human rights in the United States has been criticized for their practices and policies. The record shows that human rights in the United States are complicated and controversial issue. Racial discrimination – Whether they are African American or Native American they are all human beings. Policy advice – blacks should be treated… View Article

The United States of America and the European countries

It is observed nowadays that every economic status of each country has been tried by times. It is phenomenal too that most of the nations nowadays are facing ups and downs regarding their economic status. It is also known to us how each country tries to overcome its economic dilemma. Even the most technologically advanced… View Article