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Amen Ra Diet

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (704 words)
Categories: Balanced Diet And Its Benefits, Food, Food And Nutrition
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I’m not a vegan but I saw your YouTube video on Amen Ra and thought you might have missed one important point. Actually, you made the point but did not connect the dots. A low calorie diet impacts your thyroid hormones and basal metabolic rate, thereby decreasing the number of calories needed for weight maintenance. Most people see this as a negative, but in fact, our metabolisms are mostly overly ramped up from over-eating.

We should be eating more like Amen Ra, and then we could sustain ourselves on much fewer calories and not suffer from all of the detrimental side-effects of metabolism, including reactive oxygen species, environmental toxins, and byproducts such as homocysteine which cause genetic damage, vascular decay, collagen loss, accelerated aging, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration, etc.

I have personally been on a 1000 -1500 calorie per day diet myself for the past 11 months after being on about 1800 calories per day for 4 years. 5 years ago, I was 285 lbs.

I lost quite a bit over the first few years and then started leveling out. I have been largely ketogenic for the past year, consuming mostly fat and protein. I still weight 192 lbs and have not lost anything significantly since dropping to my current low caloric intake. I simply eat less food. My muscle mass has actually increased from 42% to 44.5% and I still carry plenty of adipose (about 14%). My resting respiration rate is only 6-8 breaths per minute versus around 12 for a typical person. I’m using less oxygen because I have a slower metabolism. That means I am also conserving antioxidants, which really helps my immune system. I mostly eat dairy, whey protein, raw vegetables, lots of nuts, and meat a few time per week. I rarely exceed 1500 calories and sometimes dip below 1000 on a daily basis. I’m at no risk of starving to death.

Wow. Beautifully articulated. This right here is the crux of the argument. I believe our foraging ancestors ate less calories of more micro-nutrient-dense foods. Nun Amen Ra says in his research, which he graciously gave me after a $50 donation, states that it takes a slow adjustment down to the 1250 calories a day mark. You do it over a course of many months, I believe, to acclimatize the body. Just like exercise, temperature change, and the phytonutrients in plants that micro-stress our body, we must only have a certain amount of hormetic stress to induce change in the body. If you do too much at once, it is detrimental, and too little, you never adapt and improve.

I firmly believe he is into something. We have seen in research that frank calorie restriction does indeed lead to significantly longer lifespans. He’s definitely sniffing up the right tree.

All our nutrition research has been seen through the same paradigm of calories in and out. I want to see studies with: same calories but higher and lower micronutrients, same calories but organic versus conventional, phytonutrients, cooked versus raw, etc.

I am currently following to Amen ra diet to a t and let me tell you it is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have been gaining muscle and losing body fat at an unimaginable rate. My energy, strength and mental clarity is threw the roof. I sleep half the time I used to. I suffered from severe migraines my entire life(currently 30) and since on the diet they have diminished completely. My skin has become almost flawless aswell. It’s actually quite funny how you can sit here and try to falsify someone else’s research based on your own when in fact you and most of the population (somewhere around 98.4% of the us population) has never even practiced his regimen. You sir need to take a step back and realise not everyone knows everything and everyday there is more and more research falsifying what was considered “fact”. Don’t knock it till you try it because it just makes you look like a moron. I admit I was skeptical at first but that exactly why I tried it and now that I have I would of never imagined the positive changes that I’ve made.

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