Alzheimer’s disease and its affect on the nervous system Essay

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Alzheimer’s disease and its affect on the nervous system

This article relates to Alzheimer’s disease and its affect on the central nervous system. According to Guy (2005), “Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder that over time destroys ones memory and disables their ability to learn, make judgments, communicate, and participate in daily activities.” This disease has been growing more and more every year. It eventually leads to death resulting from its destruction of neurons over time, which leads the brain system to break down. Neurons allow us to do many things that involve the higher human thought system like for example, speech. When it is defected it may result in great or minor changes (depending on the advancement in the disease) in personality or behavior. The leading cause to Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown which is primarily the reason why it’s still incurable.

There are two types of this disease: early onset, which result in 3 genetic mutations (in chromosome 21, chromosome 14, and chromosome 1), and late onset, which has only one genetic component, protein which binds quickly and strongly to beta-amyloid. The central nervous system allows humans to think, learn, and feel. Once the disease takes over your brain and kills the neurons, the human body is unable to do those 3 things. This disease mainly affects the central nervous system since the central nervous system deals with the brain and the spinal cord. Once the disease progresses in the brain, it leads to brain atrophies, which leads to memory loss, and vacuoles enlarge. These elements affect the brain greatly which reflects to effects in human acts and thoughts. This disease has been around for a while and is still continuing to be tested over and over to find a cure.

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