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Essay on Alzheimer's Disease

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Reasons for and Consequences of Missed Appointments

I also could have been more proactive with my leadership and let my chain of command know when and what time my appointment was. Certain safeguards in the future will be put in place to prevent this lack of respect for others, to not happen again. The more people I let know of my appointments will prevent me from missing any future appointments. I feel I can improve as a soldier from this inciden...

Dementia Care

As children do not know or recognize the illness they may feel confused at the person’s behaviour towards them and can also feel sad because the person with dementia does not longer recognize them. Children may feel fearful because of an unexplained bad behaviour from the person with the illness and this can affects them emotionally. Teenagers may become resentful if they must take on more respo...

Dementia Awareness

Dementia with Lewy bodies interrupts the brain’s normal functioning and affect the person’s memory, concentration and speech skills. It has similar symptoms to Parkinson’s disease such as tremors, slowness of movement and speech difficulties. People with vascular dementia may suffer from incontinence or seizure where other types of dementia may not affect those. However level of ability and ...

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Relationship Centered Model of Care in Dementia and the Six Senses Framework

The senses framework captures the subjective and perceptual dimensions of caring relationships in order to create tailored and seamless care. When using RCC and the senses framework model in a case study, it allowed a biographical approach of care planning structured through ensuring the six senses are met. A greater understanding of the person with dementia can be achieved through using the six s...

A range of causes of dementia syndrome

Lewy bodies is closely related to Parkinson’s disease as this condition deteriorates the physical symptoms like the Parkinson’s disease such as involuntary shaking, muscle stiffness and slowness of movement take place. Fronto-temporal dementia is caused by damage and shrinking in two areas of the brain. The temporal lobe and the frontal lobe of the brain are both affected and is only common in...

Interaction and Communication

Reality orientation and validation approaches are quite different as reality orientation is all about here and now, meaning the time of day, where they are and what they are doing, where as the validation approach is when the carer would accept and take on board what the individual is saying but to not correct them when they are wrong as in the approach the carer is focusing more on the indivdual...

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Paper

The drug modifies symptoms in the minority of people with Alzheimer’s disease because it is nicely tolerated in the majority of individuals. Memantine is a drug that is a glutamatergic antagonist that trials have found effective in individuals that have severe dementia, however it is restricted to those in clinical trials. Cholinesterare inhibitors and memantine are known to produce little ident...

Dementia as Conditions Resulting From a Disease

It is important to talk in terms of living with dementia rather than suffering from it. The starting point for positive intervention and support is an understanding of the lived experience of the person with dementia, recognition of the person’s strengths and abilities and an understanding that the person with dementia is still a unique individual with his or her own preferences, needs and life ...

Dementia Awareness Unit

Provided person centred care is of the outmost importance, therefore is essential to have prior knowledge of the client’s past for example hobbies, family structure. A well structured plan of care for staff to follow is essential, to treat the client as a human being is crucial and not as someone with dementia. Many people with dementia have a fragile sense of self-worth; it's especially import...

Dementia awareness

Each case of dementia is different. The area of the brain affected will depend on the type of dementia. Dementia can affect every area of thinking, feeling, and behaviour. It will eventually also affect the persons physical functions. Why depression, delirium and age related memory impairment may be mistaken for dementia? All the above manifest with similar symptoms. Depression coupled with age re...

Alzheimer’s disease

There is no one reason why people get Alzheimer disease. Older people are more likely to get it, and the risk gets greater the older the person gets. For instance, the risk is higher for someone who is 85 than it is for someone who is 65. And women are more likely to get it than men. Researchers also think genes handed down from family members can make a person more likely to get Alzheimer disease...

Alzheimer's Disease

There are also foundations that you can donate money to Alzheimer research. The Alzheimer's Association is the largest. Former President, and Alzheimer patient Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy have also set up a foundation. In 1994, one year after telling the American people he was a victim, he and Nancy set up the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute. Another family member of an affected ce...

Away From Her - A Film Review

In conclusion, I overall enjoyed the film Away from Her. The film focused around the story of an elderly couple, Grant and Fiona, who are forced to deal with Fionas diagnose of Alzheimers. The director, Sarah Polley used a combination of humour and human intimacy to depict a true honest relationship of a long lasting marriage. I found the movie somewhat moving, enjoying the dynamic relationship of...

A Literary Analysis of Still Alice

He failed to stay by her side as this disease robbed her of herself. Still Alice is a strong and engaging fiction work which brings truth to the average reader about the onset and the impact of Alzheimer’s. However, it fails to address those families who are not as equipped as the Howland’s to care for their loved ones at home, and are forced to institutionalize them. As Alice’s condition de...

Understand the Neurology of Dementia

3.4 -Describe ways in which individuals and carers can be supported to overcome their fears. Seeing dementia as a form of disability is important because it challenges health and social care staff to adapt their care approach and to maximise a person’s remaining strengths and abilities. It also challenges care providers to consider whether the environment within the care setting further disables...

End of Life & Dementia Care

3.5 At the final stages of end of life it is important to have good communication between all relevant parties (carers, family and colleagues). This is important so relatives are kept informed about how the individual’s health is, any changes in medications as towards end of life as it is common to be prescribed a higher dosage of pain relief I.e. morphine syringe drivers, as changes as in the f...

Psychology in "Still Alice" The Movie

Honestly, I was moved by the movie. The disease may be rare but it’s fatal. I felt pity for those persons who have it for they would forget everything they worked for and all the happy moments of their life and even forget about themselves. It made me realize how difficult it is to be in that situation for I cannot even imagine myself in Alice’s shoes. The movie also taught me the importance ...

Recognise and respect an individual’s heritage

Challenging discriminatory behaviour means not letting this behaviour happen without taking some sort of action against it. Remember, there are many ways that people can be discriminated against. They include verbal or physical abuse, exclusion, labelling or stereotyping . It is important to challenge discriminatory behaviour because it can cause distress, ill health, isolation and stress to a res...

Medicinal Uses Turmeric

Curcumin has been used safely as a culinary spice in Asia for centuries. It is estimated that adults in India ingest 80-200 mg of curcumin daily. There are no reported adverse effects of curcumin or turmeric, except stomach upset, nausea and diarrhea and some rare cases of allergic contact dermatitis. There is a caution when taking Warfarin, blood thinners or having a bleeding disorder. Some repor...

Parkinson Disease

Levodopa is the most common treatment for PD. It helps to replenish dopamine. About 75 percent of cases respond to levodopa, but not all symptoms are improved. Levodopa is generally given with cardiodopa. This delays the conversion of levodopa to carbidopa until it gets into the brain. Dopamine Agonists Dopamine agonistscan imitate the action of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine agonists are less ef...

Describe the Type of Memory Loss

Individuals may struggle to find the correct words when engaging in conversation. Often individuals will struggle to pronounce words correctly (especially if they have more than two syllables), and their speech will lack appropriate grammar. Problems understanding speech can also be present, especially if the sentence contains complex grammar. (3) Semantic dementia is characterised by a selective ...

Three Genres on Forgetfulness

Zahn’s cartoon creates a humorous situation within forgetfulness, using exaggeration (or, more tragically comic in some cases, accuracy. ) Lastly, Collins uses the poetic form to transcend both the medical and comic aspects of forgetfulness, by delving deeper into the human psyche, and discussing how significant memory is to the human soul. Although these three different genres – journalism, c...

Effects of missing an appointment

From the Physical therapy clinic whose time could have been better spent helping other patients to me as an individual. I think something good that has come out of my mistake is that I now have a much better perspective of all the different people that my decision affected. Appointments are very easy to cancel ahead of time to give another person a chance to seek treatment. For so many people and ...

Dementia in UK

2–3) ? outline a process for the determination of a person’s best interests (Section 4) ? create Lasting Powers of Attorney, which allow a person to appoint a donee to make decisions about his or her health and welfare (Sections 9–14) ? establish the Court of Protection in a new form, with powers to make declarations and appoint deputies in difficult cases or where there are disputes concern...

Dementia: Brain and Self Care Activities

?Meeting socialization needs - Encourage visits, letters and phone calls. (visits should be brief and nonstressful; with one or two visitors at a time). ?Family Teaching - Advise family member to provide patients with exercise. Suggest physical activities, such as walking or light house work, that occupy and satisfy the patient. - Tell them about the importance of diet. - The patient becomes forge...

Dementia Awarness

Because most people with dementia are over the age of 65, they can also face issues of age discrimination. People with dementia are also more at risk of discrimination and infringements of their human rights because they may not have the capacity to challenge abuses of their human rights or to report what has occurred. This means that many people with dementia and their carers face a poorer qualit...

Evaluation of Carvedilol Effects on Scopolamine Induced Alzheimer Model1 Research ProblemAlzheimer disease

Evaluation of Carvedilol Effects on Scopolamine Induced -Alzheimer Model1. Research Problem:Alzheimer disease (AD) is one of the most devastating neurodegenerative disease that present with cognitive and memory skills impairment. It is now recognized as one of the most world widely neurodegenerative disorders and it is recorded for more than eighty percent of dementia cases in elderly patients(Ana...

SymptomsSymptoms of AD vary from person to person Some of the most

Even though AD has been reported since 1907, there is no definitive diagnosis or treatment for this disease to this day. Although extensive research has been carried out in this area patients still suffer from episodic memory loss, cognitive decline and behavioural changes. Preventive methods have not been discovered. Therefore, by studying the mechanism of the disease, observing the various aspec...

Dementia is a progressive, complex, irreversible neurodegenerative disease

The current absence of a disease-modifying treatment for AD highlights the necessity for investigating non-pharmacological approaches, such as PA, as an adjuvant to other treatments (amyloid and tau-based therapeutics). PA reduces risk of CVD(Lee2012lavie2009,ahlskoggeda2011,bherererickson2013), diabetes(thomas2006coch), hypertension(colcombekramererickson2oo4,isaacs2007,conrenlissan2013), hyperch...

Effects of Apathy on Exercise Therapies to Reduce Parkinsonian

It can be concluded that physical training associated with pharmacologics contributes synergistically to improving the PD treatment response and should be prescribed by healthcare providers to improve the mental and physical health of patients. Even with optimal dopaminergic treatments and physical activity, many patients with Parkinson's disease are frequently incapacitated by apathy, acceleratin...

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