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Alternative methods of support Essay

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There are many other things you and others around you can do to support you in trying to stop smoking and eat healthier. The first being that your family and friends can verbally support you, and not give the wrong impression by smoking/ eating takeaways in front of you. This will make you feel more comfortable and less “out of place”, and will in the long term encourage you to follow the plan. Also, you could save up money from the cigarettes you’ve not smoked and go on a family holiday.

This will reduce the chance of you smoking as it relaxes you and raises your happiness levels, and also indicates all of the activities etc you can do without smoking, and emphasise how better off you would be without smoking. Your family could support you by buying you presents for periods that you have not smoked, or even to do extra activities with you such as go to the cinema with you after periods of non smoking. This will make you feel more enthusiastic and set yourself goals! Your wife could help you eat healthily by preparing more vegetables in meals and giving you fruit during the day, and more water.

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You should both make time to prepare healthier food during the day, make it a priority! That way you will fall into better eating habits quicker and show the importance of the factor to you. You can go to a hypnotherapist to physically help you quit smoking. Along with this are NHS stop smoking help lines and clinics, and also support groups who can help for example- the Big Quit. These will guide you step by step on quitting smoking and will give you sources of motivation as well, so that you get the inspiration and enthusiasm to stop.

They will also provide friendly advice on how harmful smoking really is to you. To help you eat healthier, you could buy healthy eating range foods from supermarkets and seek professional advice from somewhere like Health Watchers, a company who’s service involves guiding people on eating healthy. Also, your friends could not ask you to buy takeaways etc, and also they could support you verbally by talking through their ideas and recipes with you. They could even help you cook healthier foods if you haven’t got the resources and cooking ability.

This will also make you feel more valued as a person. Websites can also provide support in the form of recipes and menu plans, to get you on your way with what kinds of foods to buy and how to cook them Why I have chosen this health plan for John: Effects of the plan on the client: Smoking: short term, quitting smoking will do a number of things. It will lower your blood pressure to the normal rate and circulation will improve to your hands and feet. This is in a matter of 20 minutes. Within the first day, oxygen levels in the blood return to normal and chances of heart attack also fall.

Also, the lungs have cleared all the deadly carbon Monoxide from your body and your lungs will clear the debris and mucus caused from smoking. Within two days, nicotine is totally eliminated from your body, and your sense of smell and taste begin to improve. Within the fifth day of quitting, breathing will become easier and your skin and eyes will become clearer. Your energy levels and stimulation will also begin to rise and you will feel more motivated and energized. By the one week stage, you should be able to sleep easier, and you should be able to feel the benefits from this and be generally happier and not irritable throughout the day.

After a fortnight, blood vessels in your body will start to open up again, meaning your circulation is improving further. This makes exercise and walking/breathing a lot easier. This will make you feel happy, and increase your self esteem as you will feel much healthier. Your self concept will increase as well as you will feel that you look healthier. Also, short term, you will begin to socialize easier, as you are sleeping better etc. this will help you in social situations and you will have less arguments from irritableness, and therefore you could possibly gain more friends, and therefore be even happier.

The extra motivation you gain will make you want to read, and do other mentally stimulating activities, which in turn, will increase your intellectual ability. Also, sperm count increases by 1% per week until it returns to your natural level, so impotence is no longer a problem. Long term, quitting can hugely benefit you. After about 3-9 months, all breathing problems and shortness of breath from smoking disappear. This will further improve fitness and will ultimately increase lung capacity by 5-10%.

This means you can exercise more without becoming tired as quick. After five years, the risk of heart attack decreases to half of that off a smoker, and noticeably increases your life expectancy. Also, your skin’s elasticity returns to that of your age. This will make you feel improved physically, and you will become more contented with your looks. This will give you more confidence in social situations. After 10 years, risk of lung cancer falls to about half that of a smoker and risk of a heart attack falls to that of a person who has never smoked.

This further increases your life expectancy, and thus this will improve your general happiness and give a sense of relief to you, and potentially your family. As your blood vessels begin to open back up even more, this reduces the chances of clogging and blood clots. The NHS stop smoking adverts on television dramatically show the effects of smoking and the amount of fat in cigarettes. Long term, this fatty tissue will have disappeared from your body. Also, hair loss and the loss of hearing will totally disappear, and the chances of getting the condition known as glue ear are zero.

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