Alternative Medicine- Home Remedies for Menstruation Relief

The female reproductive system is really wonderful. Each month the ovaries produce an egg that is deposited into the fallopian tube. The wall of the uterus known as endometrium thickens and there is an increase in blood circulation throughout the reproductive system.

This is all in preparation for pregnancy. However, if the woman is not pregnant, then all these things have to be dismissed. This is known as the period. Once the expulsion is carried out, the ovaries produce a new egg and the cycle continues for a month.

Puberty and menopause mark the two ends of the spectrum of a woman’s reproductive life. Puberty is characterized by the onset of menstruation, breast development and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics. The age of onset of puberty can vary between individuals, however, the onset of regular menstruation before age 8 or delay of more than 16 years old required medical attention. Similarly, in the case of menopause, the cessation of menses before 40 years of age or below after 53 years of age is rare and a cause of health care.

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Herbs are one of the most popular methods to cure irregular periods (and other diseases), because the herbs have healing properties which not only treating a particular ailment, but also provide the general welfare as well. The herbs are safe and 100 percent natural. Herbs that cure is known that irregular periods are:

Parsley: Parsley good ole! It can be purchased at your nearest grocery store. You can use dried parsley tea and take 3 to 4 cups to stimulate the period of delay.

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You can also use fresh parsley to achieve the same effect, just put a handful of fresh parsley in a pot of hot water or boiled water and let stand for about 20 or 30 minutes, tension and viola! Ready to drink.

Ginger: This herb is a good stimulant, so it is advised not to use the herbs right before bedtime as this may cause you to sweat.

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