Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clause

All sorts of problems in the learning team that is not resolved in a certain amount of hours will initiate the ADR. The problem established is in the learning team not following procedures regulations of the University of Phoenix. Other problems or situations that are personal in the learning team will not obligated be fixed through the Alternative Dispute Resolution. In my opinion there are two strategies of resolution through the ADR process in the event of the dispute in Learning Team.

One of these is the Arbitration and According to “Legal Dictionary, The Free Dictionary” (2014), is a well-established and widely used means to end disputes. It is one of several kinds of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which provide parties to a controversy with a choice other than litigation.

In the case that the situation on the learning team is not settled with the mediation due time, the arbitration clause will be applied and resolved. This type of resolution is applied for those who denied the mediation and unable to provide an agreement.

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Another strategies of resolutions through in the ADR process in the situation of problems in the Learning Team is the mediation. Team member with current or previous involvement in disputes are not able to intervene as arbitrator. According to “San Diego Court” (2014), Mediation is a confidential, non-binding process in which a trained mediator facilitates communication between disputants and assists parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of all or part of their dispute.

The mediator is not the decision-maker and does not resolve the dispute, the parties do.

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However a mediator is often able to more fully explore the parties’ underlying interests, needs and priorities (“San Diego Court “, 2014). The ADR Clause is a faster process and more effective that a litigation. Besides that the proper use of the ADR provides a better personal feeling with the way disputes are resolved. Pertain the ADR Clause in the Learning Team Charter brings out more respect within the Team.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clause

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