Alternate Ending Legend of Sleepy Hollow Essay

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Alternate Ending Legend of Sleepy Hollow

“If I can but reach that bridge,” thought Ichabod, “I am safe. ” The church bridge was rickety looking, but was the only way to safety. Ichabod could feel the hot breath of the black steed cutting close behind him. Petrified, he convulsively kicked in the ribs of old Gunpowder and they took off like lightening towards the bridge. Ichabod had cast a look behind him to see if his followers had vanished. Just then, the goblin rider had a pumpkin with fire on top of his head as though it was his own. Ichabod raced inside the bridge, eager to get out of this awful vicinity.

As Gunpowder ran like the wind, they had made it halfway inside. A loud crackling of the wood beneath them had stopped Gunpowder in his tracks. If he was to take another step, there could potentially be a chance of breaking the bridge and falling to death, as there was nothing but a large fall that would last forever. The goblin rider and the black steed were standing behind them fixated on their every movement. Ichabod urged Gunpowder to take another step no matter the cost. There wasn’t anything they could do but to take a chance on this risky bridge.

As Gunpowder had taken one last step, the wood began to split. He rose up on his hind two legs and Ichabod had fallen straight on his bum right in front of the black steed, who was staring at him with two red devil eyes. Gunpowder had jumped across the huge hole that was now formed, separating them both from each other. Ichabod was trapped with the two furious creatures that would kill him in a second. Ichabod knew that what was on his mind would be the most dangerous thing he could do, but there was no turning back.

Without looking at the death-like killers, Ichabod stood up and made a leap across the ginormous hole. He believed that he was going to make it and no one was going to get in his way. Just as he was to touch foot on the other side, the goblin rider had thrown his pumpkin head towards his own and Ichabod fell down to his death. The broken bridge is still there to this day and anyone who dares to enter can still hear Ichabod screaming down to his death. Some say that Ichabod now haunts the bridge and anyone who even thinks about entering will be falling to their death as well as he did.

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