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Altec Technology

Categories: BusinessTechnology

ALTEC Technology is an knowledge & marketing firm that provides its corporate customers with a variety of IT services including new technology design and implementation, custom software creation, technology updating, and IT networking. Recently, a large corporate client has given the organisation a new deal to configure the introduction of a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) method to increase profitability. The organisation used this opportunity to seek to implement a new collaborative strategy within the organisation, instead of allocating the task to an independent specialist.

Goals & Objectives

The best way to boost the sales and manufacturing industry will continue to expand and prosper. Organizations would have to develop and implement unique plans designed to give in new clients to succeed in the overall region. Key objectives and achievements are


Enhance gadget development by 85% by the end of this year

Implement a new business resource planning program

Maximise the company’s share holder wealth


Classify productive workers by KPI

Improve operational performance by eliminating time delays Maintain economic consistency

Boost overall business visibility

Maximize client satisfaction

Key Stakeholders:

Within a company, a shareholder is a representative of “groups without whose help the entity will simply disappear, ” external shareholders are organisations outside a business or people that do not function within the business but are in some way influenced by the business ’decisions and actions.

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And internal shareholders are associations or people who operate directly within the company.

External stakeholders

Customers: An enterprise’s aim is to build customers. The business can’t exist without consumers and the consumer needs had to come first in nearly all cases.

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The consumer can still opt to take his company to a rival so it is important that we keep innovating, delivering innovative goods as well as a reasonably priced.

Founders: The Company is owned by shareholders. We could well have put forward the seed capital we need to get going so that their needs are important. At the end, a board will remove the CEO and the management team acting in the interests of the shareholders. Suppliers, distributors, and other business partners: Working with our partners to run the business is important. Many of us lack the necessary skills. Creating nice, long lasting relationships is best.

The local group: We want to be a responsible citizen with safe and government ties. We want to be seen as a responsible employer that offers an outstanding place to work. It is critical but clearly a lower priority than above. National government and regulatory authorities: These are less important stakeholders but keeping everyone on the correct side is critical. We want to comply with laws, and prevent lawsuits and conviction.

Internal stakeholders

Employees: The workers are the ones who build and produce the goods or services used by the clients. When we lose the best talent or antagonise them otherwise customer satisfaction will fail so we need to look after them. When we want to attract and maintain top talent at all levels then we have to offer competitive terms and conditions.

Managers: Shaping the cycle of growth. To optimise productivity they keep track of all the moving parts and function as the point of contact for other stakeholders. CEOs: the CEO and his management team shouldn’t have to satisfy stakeholders requests their job is solely to fulfil shareholders’ rights that they will then be able to determine how investment gains can be used to help people.

Project Overview: Introduction

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an automated control of the core market operations, mostly in real time and by information and infrastructure mediation. ERP is commonly referred to as a business management software framework generally as a collection of interconnected tools that an company can use to capture, process, handle and analyse data from multiple business operations. It is often easier to execute and build a lean operating atmosphere and increase income and profitability with an enterprise resource planning platform (ERP) in place.


ERP software increases the efficiency of organisations by coordinating and centralising the data that is important for business in one region. As a result, workers have access to all business information as required to ensure that tasks are carried out successfully. A simple, centralised ERP operating framework usable in the company eliminates the need for divisions and individuals to build departmental spreadsheets or files with activities to be completed. Cutting down the labour-intensive and manual operations demand would save time in all agencies, increasing competitiveness, and boosting employees ’morale anywhere they are located.

Improved productivity: the ability to connect with vendors, clients and remote workers is built into ERP programmes, making it much easier to stay in contact with staff working in other places and to stay consumers and vendors updated of the new shipment details and stock changes. Long manufacturing times and unnecessary acquisitions of products are a thing of the past while an ERP programme is in operation, and manufacturing issues and errors are immediately conveyed through the entire market community through an integrated ERP programme. Cohesive environments: the whole organisation of headquarters and processing facilities of numerous locations would find it convenient to attach details to one network and ensure a consistent approach to work. Growing dimension of production planning is transparent and regulated when activities are handled by a single framework.

Final Result

Evaluate the ERP system: ERP Collection will be entirely handled by the IT team. The IT staff would most likely expend the most time doing analysis and introducing it, but the whole organisation would enjoy the advantages of the ERP programme. In addition to your IT department, it is imperative that your ERP selection team includes stakeholders from your key business operations. A great code squad and finding out about the errors and this diligent review is a very critical step in the application of the ERP. The general progress of the business is focused on the effective introduction of ERP.

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