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All the President's Men Movie

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1020 words)
Categories: Movie
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At first when one starts watching the movie they are slightly taken aback; when loud typewriter keys start hitting a sheet of paper, in what appears to be a manual typewriter, rather rapidly. The film chosen for this essay was ‘All the President’s Men,’ distributed in 1976, a second choice for this writer, after the first desired choice ‘Thirteen Days,’ was not to be found. ‘All the President’s Men,’ won 4 Oscars, and 21 nominations.

Its director was Alan J. Pakula and its key actors were all acting the parts of the editors and journalists at ‘The Washington Post,’ newspaper company, owned by Katherine Graham, and those players were; Dustin Hoffman as Carl Bernstein, journalist, Robert Redford as Bob Woodward, journalist, who together wrote the book, ‘All the Presidents Men,’; Jack Warden as Harry M. Rosenfeld, editor in charge of local news, Marin Balsam as Howard Simons, managing editor, Jason Robards as Benjamin C. Bradlee, executive editor, and Hal Holbrook as Deep Throat.

In summarizing the plot of this film, two minor rivaling journalists work together diligently and doggedly uncovering a continuously unfolding piece by piece plot of illegal intelligence gatherings from the Democratic National Committee, by the National Republican Committee, and another plot regarding monies that were donated to the Committee to Reelect President Richard Nixon that were being used to pay for burglars, their break-ins and their supplies, as in bugging devices, that they were returning to the Democratic National Committee headquarters to repair or replace, which had earlier been placed in the headquarters at the Watergate Office, which was located in the Watergate Complex, in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The duo had also managed to uncover a secret fund found within the accounts of the General Accounting Office, (GAO), where thousands of dollars were being held, more pieces to a never-ending puzzle. And throughout all these events, there were the meetings with Deep Throat in a dark and desolate parking garage, with life jeopardizing moments, lending itself to the ever dogged, perseverance of those on the path to truth as it unravels itself upwards to the upper echelons of the very topmost layer of diplomacy.

Both Redford and Hoffman portrayed their roles convincingly, as they acted out superbly in their performances, the penetratingly determination of two new, upcoming journalists in the journalism field. The screenwriter Goldman kept their scripts as original to the book as in the movie, and when watching these actors portray real characters from history, one can actually find themselves carried away into the movie’s plot and forget life.

The hues of the lights and dark shadows, played a valuable part in some importantly played parts of the movie, such as half of Deep Throat’s face, revealed, or the dark and desolate city parking garage, Woodward has to walk through, to meet his undocumented source. It appeared that Director Pakula placed in the movie all the locations that the actual events took place at, that he was able to do so, creating a genuine, you are here feeling.

But before surrounding those menacing scenes of shadows, or the fly on the ceiling observations looking down on the desks in the Library of Congress watching Woodward and Bernstein get smaller and smaller, there’s the opening music of typewriter keys hitting paper in a manual typewriter that can be briefly startling if you’ve never seen the movie before. Composer David Shire’s music is ominous throughout parts of the movie, offering sinister SoundBits at the locations that needed it; such as meeting Deep Throat in a garage, or Woodward running for his life, even if the tracks are few in the movie, they accomplished nail-biting finales.

(Paragraph 5: Address how well the film represents the person or event. Offer evidence for your opinion. This is where you should address how accurate the movie portrayed the actual time period. Do not feel as though you should be an expert – go with what you know (although some simple internet research might be of assistance). You should also mention whether or not the plot of the story was true.)

The film portrayed the unlayering of Nixon and his administration’s conspiracies, deceit at the highest level of democracy in this United States. The story’s plot was unraveling deceit spiraling to the top.

There were a few pieces that were found to be of new interest to a reader for the first time as in learning that the newspaper was founded in 1877 by Stilson Hutchins, who sold it to Frank Hatton and Beriah Wilkins who had the leader of the United States Marine Corp Band, John Phillip Sousa compose a march for their contest awards ceremony, and he composed “The Washington Post.” Wilkins acquired Hatton’s share and eventually it was sold to John Roll MacLean and then his son Ned MacLean legally acquired it, at around the same time he acquired the Hope Diamond, which curses its owner(s), afterwards, Ned MacLean was divorced and married several times, and finally diagnosed insane andended up in a mental facility, after Eugene Meyers bought it, he left it to Philip Graham, father to Katherine Graham, owner of The Washington Post, and it was she who hired Ben Bradlee.” And another observation can be made observing Redford’s face at face value, literally, if one will notice, in all photographs of Bob Woodward, he was a brunette, not a blonde, like Redford in all his blondness, and as most investors know; in order for this piece of newsworthy history to sell to the audiences, there definitely needed to be some eye candy, enter Redford and Hoffman, eye candy.

Settle into a comfy chair and watch the secretive motives of a president’s plot to deceive America, unfold before your very eyes, step-by-step, with some of the most intriguing, and thoughtful dialogue you could possibly see and/or hear again, watch as paranoia grows with each dark and desolated step into darkness, one step at a time. Settle in comfortably and be led from the very beginning of an unraveling, diabolical twist on diplomacy as it takes its place at the highest level of deceit.

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