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All advertising should be banned.

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Essay, Pages 2 (279 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (279 words)

Another example of the misuse of advertising include an advertisement for Land Rover which features a bare-breasted African bush-woman whose breast’s are pulled sideways by the power of the passing vehicle. Complaints arose that it was ‘racist and sexist’. The advertisement has yet again been digitally enhanced, and the inference is that the model featured had no idea that this would happen. Her facial expression is astonishment, which leads me to believe that the woman has never seen a car before.

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This inference by the Car Company is trying to portray this, and make us much more superior if we were to purchase the car. The woman is made to look stupid, ignorant and easily impressed, which is a racist stereotyping by Land Rover. The most shocking adverts are usually made by charities that want to shock you into giving money to help the victims in their upsetting and deplorable advertisements. Many advertisements include beautiful, toned and thin models, not just female but also male.

Many females feel intimidated by these models and convince themselves that to be perfect they need to be just like them.

Another tactic they use is things like saying you’re not good enough unless you buy their product. This is obviously untrue, but when you get an advert shown to you 5-10 times a day, you may begin to believe it subconsciously. The trick of repeating an advert time and time again is to reinforce the idea of the product in your mind. Advertisers are also guilty of false advertising, as is recorded by Bill Bryson’s article for the Independent, which is also an extract from his book ‘Notes From A Big Country’.

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